Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Rachel sits up on the end of the bed facing the camera, carefully holding the bra to her breasts. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “Wow. That was, um, nice. My neck feels sooo much better!”

Medium guy laughs. “Nice? That’s all? Sure that it’s only your neck which feels good, Rachel?”

“You promised not to take advantage of me!” blushes your girlfriend, seemingly truly embarrassed for the first time, “But yeah, other bits of me feel good too…” She trails off as the blush spreads down to her chest.

All the guys laugh, which makes Rachel glow even more red. To make it even worse, the tall guy chuckles. “From here it looked like you were the one taking advantage, Rachel! You were basically humping his hand! A striptease is one thing, but I never knew you were that much of a slut!”

“Yeah,” medium guy interjects, “it seemed like you were right into it! You were grinding away like a total slut. It was awesome!”

If it was possible Rachel goes even more red and looks down at the floor, holding her head with one hand and attempting to hold the bra up with the other. It’s pretty clear that although she was willing to play along with the “role play”, she’s increasingly embarrassed by what she has done in front of her co-workers.

In the ensuing silence you hear your girlfriend whisper, “I’m not a slut… maybe we should stop this if that’s what you think I am…”

Pudgy seems to pick up on Rachel’s conflicting emotions and how close she is to calling the whole thing off. He gets up and you watch him sit next to her on the bed, putting one arm around her shoulders.

“It’s okay Rachel, you’re a very sexy woman and that was an amazing show. Ross has one hell of a girlfriend in you! Don’t be embarrassed. You were being a slut. An absolutely fantastic slut!” He caresses your girlfriend’s naked back and goes on, “But just then you were being a slut for your boyfriend. We’re just helping you out to become a slut.”

He looks back at the camera and winks at you as he continues speaking. “That’s okay, right?” You’re not sure if this was for you or Rachel’s benefit.

Rachel slowly looks up. “Thanks. That makes me feel a bit better. It’s just that it’s been… a lot of…fun, but I didn’t want the three of you thinking I was your —” she finishes in a whisper “- your slut.”

With what appears to be a look of concern, Pudgy replies, “That’s okay, shall we continue?”

Rachel nods her head yes, and slips back into her role. “Wow, you guys have been so nice to me. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. Ross is going to really love the moves you guys have taught me!” she says, sitting more upright.

You see all three guys breathe a sigh of relief. Pudgy moves his hand around to Rachel’s side and slowly rubs the side boob bulging out from her poorly held up bra. “Well, I can think of something you could do!” he suggests in a voice full of innuendo.

“I can’t do that! I’m already with —” but before she can finish Tall guy cuts her off.

“Oh Rachel, where’s your mind? Only a slut girlfriend would have sex with three men at once! Although I think I speak for the three of us when I say that if you ever want a gang-bang, just let us know!”

Rachel goes red again, but you notice she doesn’t stop Pudgy from slipping her bra aside. He gently caresses and softly squeezes the half boob now exposed.

Tall guy continues. “Oh no! I wasn’t talking about sex. I meant that you could just get each of us off. That’d be okay. It’s not sex after all.”

Rachel steals a quick smile at the camera before replying, “I guess so… but promise you won’t tell Ross?”

This is met with immediate reassurances from all three guys.

“Okay, so how do we do this?” Rachel inquires after they quiet down.

“Well,” replies Pudgy, “You could start by lying down.” He pushes your girlfriend on her back and swings her around so her head is on the left side of the bed. Somehow Rachel manages to hold her bra to her breasts as he does so. He then walks around and unzips his pants directly above Rachel’s head.

Tall guy almost runs over to the foot of the bed, and sits down. He lifts Rachel’s legs up and places them over his own, so that her ass is on his lap, and her head is now hanging off the side of the bed below Pudgy. Medium guy climbs up on the bed and positions himself behind Rachel.

Rachel giggles, apparently getting back into her role. “Wowzers! That was quick! Have you guys done this before? I know you’re a team at work, but —”

Pudgy flops it out directly above her head. “Ohmygod!” exclaims Rachel in genuine shock, “That’s huge!”

You’ve got to agree — it’s eight inches long and quite thick. Not porn-star huge, but seriously impressive. As you are processing this, the other two whip their dicks out as well. Just like Rachel you’re still staring at the massive cock hanging just above her head, and the first you both know of this is when they each remove one of her hands from holding her bra and place them on their cocks.

Rachel reacts instantly. “Oh shit! You’re both huge too? No way… I’ve never… Uuunngg!”

Your girlfriend is cut off as Pudgy reaches down, lifts her head up and slides his cock inside her mouth. As he does this, the other two start sliding her hands up and down their cocks. The way they are arranged is such that you have a perfect side view of the four of them. The constant movement of your girlfriend’s body causes her bra to slide off and fall to the floor. Knowing you can’t do anything to stop what’s happening, you can’t help yourself, and reach down to your painfully erect member and begin stroking it.