Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You sit there wanking at the sight of your girlfriend being used like a piece of meat by the three guys. Her gorgeous boobs bounce rhythmically as her head is moved up and down the cock in her mouth and both hands slide over the cocks in her hands. After a few minutes you can hear the sloppy sounds of wet suction and see Rachel’s cheeks hollow-in each time her mouth is pulled back off the cock. The two guys getting jacked off release her hands and smile as she continues to stoke them of her own volition.

“Oh God, Rachel, you’re amazing!”

“Yeah, I could do this all day. Fuck you’re one sexy slut!”

Rachel reacts to this, but all that she manages is a muffled “Nunnnrrgg!” as the cock in her mouth is pushed deeper inside.

“Oops! Sorry,” giggles the tall guy. “I’ll make it up to you okay?” He reaches out and slides your girlfriend’s panties down her legs and throws them on the bed. He then pushes one leg to the side off the bed. “How about another ‘massage’? You liked that before. Let’s see if I have magic fingers, hey?”

Without waiting for a response he starts rubbing between Rachel’s legs. You can’t believe it, but your girlfriend moans out loud around the cock in her mouth. “Mmmmuuufff, yesssss…” You see her spread her leg to the side even more, giving him better access. This gives you a clearer view of his finger sliding in and out of her wet hole and his thumb rubbing her clit. He slides a second finger inside, and Rachel’s hips start bucking, trying to push them deeper. At the same time, the speed of her wanking Medium guy increases and the sounds of suction on Pudgy’s cock become much louder. He has slowed down now, but is going much deeper.

“That’s it, Rachel, open wide.” Rachel gives a sight shake of her head no. “Yes you can, you can do it,” Pudgy encourages and he manages to stuff three quarters of his eight inches inside your girlfriend’s pretty mouth. Then he pulls all the way out. “I can feel your throat, one more try, Rachel I want to come down your throat.” He then motions to Tall guy to stop fingering Rachel.

Rachel tries to scoot her ass down to reach his retreating fingers, but Pudgy holds her still by the head and Rachel lets out a frustrated “aaahhrrgg!” He chuckles at this, and continues, “If we can do that, then I’ll let you get off. Understand?”

“Yessss…” moans your girlfriend in response.

“Good. What do you want us to do?”

“Let me get off! Please?” cries Rachel as Tall guy slides a finger back inside her and withdraws it slowly, causing her to gasp.

“No, no, no. I think you know what I mean. Say it.”

“Okay… I want you to come down my throat. Please?

“All of us, Rachel. Not just me.”

“Yes, all of you! Stop fucking around, please? Please? Come down my throat? All of you?” Rachel whines, the desperation clear in her voice.

Pudgy nods and Tall guy immediately slides both fingers back inside her. Medium guy leans forward and starts sucking on her boobs while Pudgy walks over and picks up the camera. Rachel has given up wanking the two guys, lost in her own pleasure. Pudgy doesn’t make an attempt to have Rachel suck him off, and is content just film the scene. He films along her milky smooth body, stretched out on the bed and her ass on Tall guy’s lap, coming to rest for a short while on Rachel’s creamy round boobs, giggling as her body convulses and twitches. Next he zooms in on her foot resting on the floor and then pans up her leg, lingering on Rachel’s sexy calf muscles straining with effort to push herself harder onto the hand at her pussy.

The camera moves up along Rachel’s soft smooth thigh. Finally it comes to rest at a close-up view of her red and swollen pussy, glistening with moisture. You see three fingers are now sliding in and out, making wet juicy squelching noises. The camera then slides up to your girlfriend’s face as Pudgy returns to his original position over her head. He just rests his cock on her face, tracing a snail trail of saliva and pre-cum over her pretty face as she thrashes about.

You suddenly realize that there is no way this is acting out a role. This is pure lust, and has been for quite a while now. If the images weren’t enough, the sounds escaping your girlfriend’s mouth certainly are.

Your laptop speakers fill your room with the sounds of animalistic passion, as Rachel moans and groans, constantly begging the two men, her co-workers.

“Ohh, yessss! Mmmm! Yeah, yeah, yeah… oh gaaawwwd! Yeah. Mmmmmmm. Don’t sto… don’t sto-sto-op!”

“Faster… please, faster… mmmmmm! My boobs, yeah pinch them, yeeesss that’s it. Oh gaawwwd!”

“Yeah, that’s it deeper… mmm… ooohh yessss, harder harder, yeah… oh gawwddd, yessss!”

It goes on and on and on, and you just sit there with your dick shrinking each time you cum and then growing again. It seems like hours, but looking at the time it can only have been twenty minutes. You shake your head as you realize that you’ve orgasmed three times while watching, and these guys are still going strong. Yep, and they’re actually doing it. In person. With your girlfriend.

You can’t believe what’s happening. Your girlfriend, who until a few days ago was sweet and innocent, is now begging two of her co-workers to make her come after promising, no, begging again, them to come down her throat.