Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by John...)

“Didn’t you say a while ago there are some hot girls in your class?” you ask.

“Yeah, let me show you.” Rachel opens her phone to show you some pictures

First she shows you Lizzy, a cute blonde girl with an amazing ass and nice boobs. “Lizzy is a really kind and smart girl and she and her boyfriend just broke up, so you might be able to convince her, though she doesn’t appear to be easily seduced.”

“Next is Dominique, a hot young redhead. She has a cute face, a big firm ass and huge tits. She often wears a shirt with some cleavage to show off to the guys and she gets quite a lot of attention. She is a huge slut — she almost got expelled for giving blowjobs to the male staff in exchange for better grades until she started fucking the principal. She’s also an arrogant bitch so I wouldn’t mind seeing you put her in her place.”

“So would you like to fuck Lizzy or Dominique? Or should I show you the other students?”