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He's All Yours

You walk up the path to Steve and Jenny’s house, bottle of wine in hand. You’re wearing a little black dress that reveals slightly more cleavage and leg than societal norms would normally allow. This is for Steve’s benefit. It’s his birthday.

You’ve lusted after Steve Williams for ages, but he’s in a relationship with Jenny and she’s one of your good friends. So you would never make a move on him. But you know that he likes it when you flirt or tease him, and it excites you to do it. You’re determined that that’s as far as it will go, though. It’s only a bit of fun.

Jenny answers the door and gives you a welcoming hug. Something’s not right — she’s not dressed for a party. Instead she’s wearing a short silk robe. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything underneath.

“Hi Jenny. Nice robe. Am I early?” you ask your friend. “Or late?”

“Actually Gertrude, you’re right on time.”

You follow her in and look around. “Where is everybody?”

“Nobody else is coming,” says Jenny, with a sinister glint in her eye.

“Uh, okaaaayyy…”

Jenny relieves you of the bottle of wine. “Look Gertrude, I know you’re interested in Steve.”

Oh shit. Something heavy is about to go down. “Jenny, I would never…” you stammer.

“Don’t deny it. I’ve seen the way you act around him.”

You drop to your knees, clasp your hands and beseech her. “Jenny, I know I can be a little flirty sometimes, but please believe me when I say that I would never, ever make a play on Steve. He’s all yours, and that’s that!”

Jenny smiles. “Relax Gertrude, I trust you. But you like him, right?”

“He’s nice to look at,” you concede.

“I think so too” laughs Jenny. “Steve is in the bedroom. Go say hello.”

Confused, you enter the bedroom. It takes you a couple of seconds to process what you see.

Steve is handcuffed spread-eagled on the bed. He’s naked. His cock is half erect. And from his shocked reaction, he is absolutely, definitely, not expecting you!

“Jenny, what the hell!” he shouts in panic. He reflexively tries to cover himself, snapping the chains of the furry handcuffs taut.

“Whoops, sorry Steve!” you gasp, and turn to flee the room. But Jenny is blocking your escape.

“Not so fast Gertrude,” grins Jenny. “I’m sure you’d like a closer look?”

You turn back to look at Steve. He’s blushing furiously, twisting against his bonds in a futile attempt to hide his nakedness from your gaze. You’ve seen him shirtless before, but never fully naked. His vulnerable position leaves nothing to the imagination.

You stare at his cock and bite your lip. It’s a nice size. He’s gone to the effort of trimming his public hair. His balls are nice too. You imagine them cupped in your hand.

“Okay Jenny, what’s going on” you ask warily, while still staring at Steve’s balls.

“It’s his birthday, Gertrude. I thought we could give him a nice surprise.”

Steve looks from Jenny, to you, and back to Jenny again. “Jesus Christ, Jenny, I never thought…” he finally whispers, ceasing his struggles. You wonder what’s going through his mind. Actually, you wonder what’s going through your own mind.

Why would Jenny do this to him? And why do it with you?

As if to answer your unspoken question, Jenny whispers “Steve likes you too, Gertrude. Watch this!”

She sits next to Steve on the bed and starts stroking his hair. “Look Steve honey, it’s Gertrude. You like Gertrude, don’t you? You’d like to see her naked, wouldn’t you?”

Steve’s breathing increases. The poor boy is looking rather stressed.

“You’d like to see her tits, wouldn’t you Steve? Grab Gertrude’s tits and suck on her nipples?”

Steve’s cock twitches and starts to grow. Before your wide eyes it lengthens and hardens with Jenny’s dirty talk.

“You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you Steve? Take little Gertrude over there and fuck her brains out?”

Steve’s cock springs to full erection, the glans bulging and purple. A little dribble of pre-cum appears at the tip. Shocked, you cover your mouth with your hand. Red-faced, he turns his head away from you.

“Well Gertrude, don’t just stand there! Say something!” begs Jenny. You pick up on a small element of doubt in her voice. She’s been very confident up to now, but she’s obviously concerned that she might have misread the both of you and her plan could end in disaster.

“Nice,” you finally say. “Nice dick, Steve.”

He turns to look at you but can’t hold eye contact. “Ummm… thanks?” he offers.

Jenny gets up off the bed and comes over to you. “So Gertrude, he’s all yours if you want. The one rule is you can’t untie him. If he’s helpless he’s not cheating on me — he’s just a victim of circumstance!”

You think there might be a flaw in Jenny’s reasoning, but you are so flustered and excited that you can’t think what it is.

There’s an excruciating pause while they wait for your response. You lick your lips. Your mouth has gone a little dry and your stomach is full of butterflies.