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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“I think I might just sit over here and watch…” you stammer.

Jenny gives you a sympathetic look. “Okay Gertrude, sorry for throwing you in the deep end,” she says with a wan smile. Then she discards her robe. Now naked, she climbs astride Steve and kisses him. “Let’s give her a show to remember, hey honey?”

You settle into a chair with a good view of the bed. Steve Williams looks at you apologetically as Jenny shimmies down his body and grabs his erect penis. She starts slowly stroking his cock, tickling his scrotum with the fingernails of her other hand.

You can feel your pussy start to get wet. Flustered, you shift position in your seat. You can’t take your eyes off Steve’s throbbing erection. He looks you in the eyes, then his gaze drops lower. You realize that he can see up your dress. You decide to let him.

Jenny engulfs his cock in her mouth and her head starts bobbing up and down, but Steve doesn’t take his eyes away from the glimpse of panty between your legs. You pull your dress up a little and let your knees fall further apart. In response, Steve involuntarily tenses and flexes his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Jenny’s mouth.

The only sound in the room is the wet slurping sound of Steve getting his dick sucked. You are transfixed by this erotic sight and start stroking the soft skin of your inner thigh. You absent-mindedly start toying with the edge of your panty gusset and slide a fingertip inside, only realizing what you are doing when you again meet Steve’s gaze.

Steve’s eyes beg you to go further. You draw one foot up on the chair seat, then the other. Your thighs fall apart, fully revealing your rapidly-dampening panty crotch to him. You run a finger up and down your slit, pressing the silky material of your panties between your swollen outer lips.

“Oh yeah!” groans Steve. Jenny looks up from her cock sucking and sizes up the situation.

“Gertrude, check out the second drawer in the bedside table,” she suggests.

You pull open the drawer. Inside is a big, pink, cock-shaped vibrator. There’s also a box of chocolates.