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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“Hey Steve, it looks like I’m your birthday present,” you giggle coquettishly. “Do you want Jenny to unwrap me?”

“God yes!” he replies enthusiastically.

You pull your hair aside so that Jenny can unzip the back of your dress. She eases you out of it and it falls to the floor, leaving you in bra, panties and heels.

You feel a brief moment of self-conscious panic, but the excited look on Steve’s face gives you all the encouragement you need. You twirl for him. Then, with your back to him, you look over your shoulder, hands on your ass. “Like what you see, Steve?”

“You’re beautiful,” he replies. Then, as a quick afterthought, he adds “Like Jenny!”

“Nice save,” says Jenny. “Let’s see how her boobs compare!”

She reaches out and unclasps your bra. You turn your back to Steve and discard it, then turn around with your bare tits covered by your hands. You squeeze them together and give Steve a sultry look. “Would you like to see my tits, Steve?”

“Fuck yeah!”

You drop your hands to your hips and wiggle your bare breasts at him. He inhales sharply and his cock twitches in appreciation.

To your surprise, Jenny comes behind you, does the reach-around and starts fondling your tits. “They feel just as nice as they look, Steve,” she teases.

You’re not sure how you feel about your friend copping a feel, so you decide to pretend it isn’t happening. Unfortunately this leaves you unprepared for when she squats behind you and pulls your panties down to your ankles, giving your butt a little kiss in the process.

“Jenny!” you admonish her as she stands up again. She looks back at you with a cheeky faux-innocent expression. Then you remember Steve. Totally naked in front of him, you spin around and strike a sexy pose with one hand on a jutting hip.

You can hear Steve’s rapid breathing across the room. His eyes are wide, trying to drink in as much of your nakedness as they can. His cock is so engorged it looks painful.