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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“Bad boy!” you say sternly. “What makes you think you could ever fuck me? I don’t fuck just anyone, you know.”

“Gertrude, I…” Steve begins.

“Shut up! Did I say you could talk?” You surprise yourself by how sharply you snap at him.

You sit on the side of the bed next to Steve and run a fingertip from his knee, up over his hip and stomach, to his nipple. After circling the nipple several times you pinch it. He flinches.

“What makes you think you’re man enough for me?” you ask, pinching the other nipple. Out of the corner of your eye you see his cock twitch. You smile.

“You think that just because you have a big, beautiful cock, I would let you use it on me?”

You trace your finger from his scrotum to his glans, then grab his testicles roughly.

“Oh fuck!” he gasps, a dribble of pre-cum escaping from the end of his knob.

Jenny has settled into a chair with a good view of the bed. “Steve honey, I told you to be careful what you wish for,” she says sweetly.

You squeeze his cock, milking it upward. More pre-cum oozes out into your palm. You use it for lubrication as you pump your fist up and down his shaft.

“Dirty boy. You’ve got my hand all sticky.”

You’re wanking him roughly now, caressing his balls at the same time. His cock is now as hard as it’s ever going to get.