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(He's All Yours, continued...)

You grab the vibrator and return to your seat, pausing only to remove your panties and throw them on to Steve’s face. He breathes deeply to inhale your scent before shaking them off.

Smiling at Steve, you turn on the vibrator and start rubbing it up and down your pussy. When it presses against your clit you groan and your eyelashes flutter.

Jenny gives Steve’s cock a kiss, then climbs up and straddles it. Your eyes widen as you watch your friend sink her cunt down over Steve’s pole. He moans, looks at her lovingly for a moment, and then resumes staring at your exposed wet pussy.

You ease the head of the dildo between your pussy lips and then, looking directly at Steve, plunge it deep inside your cunt. It’s about the same size as Steve’s dick. “Pretend this is your cock, Steve,” you tease. “Pretend it’s me you’re fucking with that beautiful cock!”

You pump the vibrating pink cock in and out of your dripping snatch and Steve starts thrusting his hips in synchrony. Jenny’s bouncing quickly adapts to match the rhythm. “Yeah Steve,” encourages Jenny. “That’s your cock in Gertrude’s cunt. Fuck her. Fuck Gertrude!”

“Oh Gertrude!” groans Steve. You can tell that he desperately wants to break free from his bonds and jump you.

You slide a hand into the top of your dress and start roughly squeezing a breast while continuing to work your pussy with the buzzing dildo.

“I’m close,” warns Steve.

“I wanna see him cum!” you cry, on the verge of coming yourself. Jenny obligingly climbs off and starts jerking him with her hand.

“Gertrude, I’m coming!” cries Steve. He tenses up, body taut and vibrating like a bow string, then unleashes a fountain of cum while Jenny jerks him frantically. Semen sprays everywhere, spattering his chest, stomach and thighs while his body arches and he tugs at his chains. A rivulet of man juice trickles down Jenny’s wrist. She raises it to her mouth and licks it off.

You press the dildo against your clit and shudder as a massive orgasm hits you. Steve and Jenny watch transfixed as you convulse in the chair, swept away on a wave of pleasure.

When it’s over you feel a sudden rush of embarrassment and close your legs. You have no idea what’s supposed to happen now.

Jenny puts her robe back on, and then suddenly remembers something. “Oh my God, Gertrude, I’m so rude. I didn’t even offer you a drink!”

Laughing, you both head to the kitchen for some champagne, leaving Steve tied to the bed. He’ll come in useful later.

The End