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(He's All Yours, continued...)

You know that Jenny wants you to take the dildo, but you can’t bring yourself to use it in front of your friends. So you take a chocolate and pop it in your mouth. “Thanks Jenny, just what I needed!”

You return to your seat. Jenny rolls her eyes and Steve sighs in frustration.

You spread your thighs and start stroking yourself though your panties again, while Jenny starts sucking on Steve’s balls. Unable to resist the temptation you slide your hand into your panties. Steve knows that you are masturbating but he can’t see anything. It’s driving him nuts.

Jenny slides up his naked body and whispers something in Steve’s ear, to which he nods in affirmation. Then she starts removing the shackles from his wrists and elbows. “Since you’re not going to use him, I’ll let him go. Do you want to see him fuck me?” she asks.

“Yes please,” you reply, wet fingers dancing over your clitoris. You’re getting so horny; you wish you had the nerve to join in. But you’re not that kind of girl!

Jenny undoes the last furry handcuff then looks at you wickedly. “Change of plans, babe.”

Steve and Jenny jump up, grab you, and throw you on the bed. They tear off your dress, leaving you in bra and panties. “Hey wait!” you shout, squirming and struggling as Steve holds your arms outstretched. Jenny clicks the handcuffs around your wrists; then they relieve you of your underwear.

“Gertrude, you’re a good friend so I’m willing to break that rule about not letting him free. It’s obvious you really need this!” laughs Jenny.

“Need what?” you ask fearfully.

“This!” says Steve, brandishing his cock. Jenny helps him pull your legs apart and he aims his rod at your trembling pussy. A sudden thrill shoots through your body. Oh God, yes, you need this!

Steve Williams thrusts his cock into your wet pussy. It fills you completely and you emit a little squeal of delight. Then he starts passionately fucking you.

“Oh Steve,” you sigh, overwhelmed. You long to grab his firm ass, or rake your fingernails over his strong back, but the handcuffs render you powerless.

Steve buries himself balls-deep and grinds his pubic bone against your clit while you arch your hips up to him.

An orgasm hits you. It’s the first of several that wrack your bound body. And that’s quite an accomplishment considering the short time frame. Steve has wanted to fuck you for ages and can only last a few minutes before he reaches the brink.

He kisses you. Your tongues entwine while you pant short breaths into each other’s mouths. You wrap your legs around him. Then he thrusts hard, once, twice, three times, and fills your pussy with his sticky seed. He collapses on top of you, his face buried against your neck.

“Bad boy!” says Jenny, smacking his ass. “Hope you made the most of it, because you’re not having her again!”

“Not even next birthday?” you venture hopefully.

The End