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(He's All Yours, continued...)

You notice that Jenny smells really, really nice. On impulse you kiss her deeply. She tastes sweet too. When your lips pull apart, her breathless excitement is evident.

“Hey Jenny, let’s give him a show!” you suggest.

While Steve watches in helpless amazement you undo Jenny’s robe and it drops to the floor, leaving her just as naked as you are. You embrace her again, your soft bodies pressed together. When you squeeze her ass, you are rewarded by a soft moan and her tongue down your throat.

Jenny kisses her way down your neck towards your breasts. Cupping them in her hands she sucks a nipple into her wet mouth and runs her tongue around it. You sigh and smile at Steve, who is transfixed by the sight of his partner pleasuring the object of his forbidden lust.

You slide your fingers through Jenny’s hair and push her head further down. She rains kisses down your tummy and around your pudendum. You part your legs and push her head between them, expecting her to resist. She doesn’t.

Jenny’s tongue finds its way into your slit and starts working sheer magic with your clitoris. Her hands massage your butt cheeks, pulling you tight against her face. It’s awesome. You suspect she might have done this before.

Steve twists and turns in his bonds, desperate to join the action. A dribble of pre-cum emerges from his cock and runs down his throbbing shaft. Your pussy is dripping too, but it doesn’t seem to bother Jenny.

“Oh Jenny, that’s fantastic,” you moan. “That’s it, right there! Don’t fucking stop!”

Jenny’s tongue action becomes more frantic and your orgasm starts to build. Without slowing her assault on your clit, she shoves a thumb up your cunt. You see stars as a tsunami of pleasure hits you and your knees buckle. Jenny bears most of your weight with your twitching pussy pressed firmly against her mouth.

When it is over you collapse on the bed next to Steve. Jenny takes the other side.

“Did you like that, Gertrude?” asks Jenny sweetly, her face shiny with your juices.

“There are no words…” you pant.

“Hey, what about me?” whimpers Steve, desperate for release.