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(He's All Yours, continued...)

You wink at Jenny and climb astride Steve, your pussy pressing against his taut stomach. You lean forward, your nipples brushing his chest, and kiss him.

Steve responds eagerly and your tongues entwine. He’s wearing your favorite aftershave — which would make you weak at the knees under normal circumstances — but now it renders you practically delirious.

You begin to assert your control over the situation by pulling back. He cranes his neck to continue the kiss and you nip three times at his lower lip before tongue-wrestling him back down.

You slither further up his body, your wet pussy leaving a shiny trail on his skin. You smack his cheeks with your breasts, and then smother him with them. He kisses them hungrily, trying to suck your nipples into his mouth. You feed him one engorged teat, then the other. His nibbling and sucking sends electric jolts straight to your cunt.

Pulling a breast from Steve’s mouth with a wet pop, you sit on his cock, sandwiching it tightly between your pussy and his pubic bone. You slide back and forth on it, coating his shaft with liberal quantities of female lubricant.

“Should I fuck you now, Steve?” you whisper.

“Fine by me!” he replies, his nonchalance betrayed by the beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

You look over at Jenny. She has a nervous, flushed look on her face. She nods.