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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“That’s enough of that,” you say, releasing Steve’s cock and wiping your gooey hand on his chest.

You throw a leg over him and straddle his hips. Flicking your hair to the side you reach back and unzip your dress, then pull it up over your head and fling it off.

Steve stares at the cleavage bulging from your bra. You can feel the tip of his dick prodding your butt through your panties, so you sit on top of it and grind your ass and pussy up and down it. He starts thrusting his hips, as if hoping his cock could burst through your panties and into you.

You yank the crotch of your panties over to the side and expose your pussy to his lascivious gaze.

“Want some of this, Steve?” you ask. He licks his lips and nods. Every fiber of his being wants to plunge his dick into you. But he’s going to be disappointed!

You slither up Steve’s bound body, sliding your pussy up his taut stomach and over his chest, before placing your knees on either side of his head. He stares at your cunt, just inches from his nose. Then you lower yourself onto his face.

Steve eagerly starts licking your pussy, sucking your labia into his mouth and probing your hole with his tongue. You grind yourself against his lips, forcing his mouth open, grinding your hard little clit against his teeth. Little electric tremors shoot through your body.

You feel the balance of power shifting slightly. He’s completely at your mercy, but his experienced tongue is playing you like a violin. “Oh Jenny,” you sigh, “he’s really good at this!”

“Believe me, Gertrude, I know,” she replies. Her robe is open and she’s fingering herself as she watches.

You rotate your hips rhythmically, fucking yourself with Steve’s tongue. Periodically you let him gasp for air, but you don’t concern yourself with his pleasure. Your mind is completely focused on the amazing sensations emanating from your dripping pussy as it grinds over Steve’s face, which is wet and shiny with your juices.

Steve groans and you become aware that Jenny has joined you. Her lips are wrapped around his cock and she’s slurping at it like it’s an ice-cream that she wants to devour before it melts.

This erotic sight is the final trigger you need and you cum loudly, violently and wetly into Steve’s mouth. In turn he shoots his sticky load down Jenny’s throat and she swallows every drop.

You slither off Steve, your panty crotch slipping back into place, and watch as Jenny cleans up his cock with her tongue. His dick has wilted a little, but not much. Then she kisses him deeply, their tongues writhing in a mixture of his semen and your pussy juice.

You suspect that the relationship dynamic between the three of you might change a little after this!

The End