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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“Climb aboard, Gertrude” suggests Jenny. Still recovering from your orgasm but ready for more, you straddle Steve eagerly.

Jenny grabs Steve’s cock and rubs the head against your pussy, masturbating you with her lover’s knob. “Shall we put it in her, Steve?” she teases.

Steve seems to have lost the capacity for speech but he nods frantically.

“Gertrude, it seems that Steve wants to fuck you with this massive dick of his. Is that okay with you?” Jenny asks.

“Uh huh,” you affirm, biting your lower lip and meeting Steve’s gaze. You feel a desperate need to be at one with him, your bodies pulling together like neodymium magnets.

Jenny guides Steve’s knob between your pussy lips and you sink yourself down on it. He fills you completely and you sigh happily.

“How does she feel, Steve?” asks Jenny.

“She’s awesome,” he replies. “Gertrude, you’re awesome!”

“You’re not so bad yourself, stud!” you reply, easing your cunt up and down his shaft. You build up a rapid pace while Steve flexes his hips, trying to get deeper inside you.

Jenny gets down between his legs and starts licking at his balls. You feel her soft hair brushing against your ass. Then she works her way around and starts licking at your clit while you grind down on Steve. You grab her head and hold her there while another orgasm hits you and your pussy clamps on Steve’s cock with a series of micro-contractions.

“Cum with me Steve, shoot your cum in me!” you cry.

Steve’s eyes roll back and he rams his cock as far into your spasming cunt as he can before flooding it with sticky white man juice. You bounce hard on him while he shoots, leaking sperm from your pussy and making loud wet splatting sounds with your buttocks against his sweaty thighs.

Finally Jenny pulls Steve’s deflating cock from your pussy and engulfs his gooey manhood with her mouth, sucking him clean. You ease yourself off him and cuddle alongside, cum oozing out from your satisfied cunt all over their 300 thread-count sheets.

Later, when Steve is freed, you tie Jenny to the bed and take turns pleasuring her. She deserves it for being such a good friend and lover!

The End