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(He's All Yours, continued...)

Jenny grabs Steve’s cock and engulfs it with her mouth. You get in close so you can admire her technique.

They have probably been watching too much porn together, because she’s trying to get it all the way down her throat. She takes it so deep, her nose ends up pressed against his ball sac. When Steve starts thrusting his hips, her eyes start to bulge and she says (quite cryptically) “gak gak gak!”

Jenny lasts as long as she can, then releases Steve’s dick with a gasp. A wet string of spit and pre-cum joins her lips to his knob. “Here Gertrude,” she says, wiping her mouth and offering Steve’s cock to you.

You take him deep, but no way are you going to copy Jenny’s porn-star deep-throating. Instead you treat him to a smorgasbord of delights. One second you are frenching the eye of his dick, the next you are sucking his balls into your mouth. Your hands are either wanking him or you are scratching his legs and stomach with your nails.

You pass Steve’s dick back to Jenny and look up at him. He appears to be experiencing paroxysms of delight. You imagine what it must look and feel like for him to have two naked girls worshipping his cock. And how tortuous it must be for him to be unable to touch them.

Back and forth his dick goes — where he comes, nobody knows.

Steve’s in your mouth when the music stops and an almighty moan signals that he’s reached the brink. The first spurt has barely hit your tonsils when Jenny snatches his cock from your lips. The second spurt hits you both, briefly connecting your nose to Jenny’s forehead with a gooey bridge of semen. Then Jenny buries his shaft in her throat and sucks him dry.

You crawl up and kiss him, forcing him to taste his own sperm on your lips and tongue. Jenny joins you and you both snuggle up to him contentedly, like two kittens who just got the cream (all over their faces.)

“Can you let me go now?” pleads Steve. He’s well and truly over being tied up.

“Sorry babe,” says Jenny, swinging a leg over his head and dumping her cunt onto his face. “You’ve both cum and it’s my turn now!”

You watch, fingering yourself, as poor helpless Steve is smothered by Jenny’s pussy and ass. His cock, momentarily deflated, is rising again.

You lick your lips. The night is just beginning…

The End