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(He's All Yours, continued...)

“Well, I’m not going to fuck my best friend’s man,” you say regretfully. Steve groans in frustration, but out of the corner of your eye you see Jenny smile.

Sitting on Steve, you nestle his cock between your ass cheeks and start fingering yourself in front of him. You’re already close to the edge, so your experienced fingers don’t have much work to do. Soon you are coming, squeezing his twitching dick in your butt crack, your fingers a blur of motion over your engorged clit. “Oh Steve, I’m coming for you baby” you cry.

Droplets of pussy juice spatter Steve’s stomach as you experience one of the wettest orgasms you’ve ever had. You collapse on top of him and give him a passionate kiss. His cock head brushes against your pussy entrance. You could just sit backward and he’d be inside you. He knows this and bucks his hips, trying to drive his rigid cock into your pussy, but you elude him.

“Don’t worry Steve, I’ll take care of you,” you say in a soothing voice. You slither down between his legs and take his shaft in one hand, his firm balls in the other. The masculine scent of semen assails your nostrils.

You engulf his cock head with your mouth and swirl your tongue around it, reveling in the warm, salty taste of him. Then you take him as deep as you comfortably can, gripping the base of his shaft tightly.

Steve starts bucking his hips and you are forced to push him back down or otherwise risk gagging. “Down boy,” you admonish.

Steve manages to exercise restraint and you settle into a nice rapid rhythm of sucking and slurping. You know he won’t last long.

“Oh Gertrude, that’s it. Fuck you’re amazing. Jenny, she’s amazing!” he babbles. Then, seconds later, “Gertrude, don’t stop, I’m commminggg!”

You mouth is instantly filled with his salty seed. You’re not a swallower, but not a spitter either. You swirl it around in your mouth, bathing his knob with your tongue, letting the excess dribble out onto his balls and your chin.

When you release his cock you expel the rest of his semen discreetly into the palm of your hand, then wipe it all over his chest. Then you decide to kiss him again and your breasts squish into it.

When he can finally speak, Steve turns to Jenny. “Thank you,” he whispers.

“There had better be more where that came from!” she replies lustfully.

You move aside and let her at him.

The End