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(He's All Yours, continued...)

You grab the base of Steve’s shaft and sink your pussy onto his throbbing cock. His girth is more than you are used to, but your pussy stretches easily to accommodate him. You take him to the hilt.

“Oh yeah!” you both cry simultaneously. A seeming eternity of repressed lust on both sides has reached its culmination.

You start bouncing on Steve, impaling yourself repeatedly on his turgid manhood. Your buttocks make slapping sounds against his thighs. Steve’s eyes are glued to your jiggling tits, to the extent that his head is nodding up and down to better track their movement. You lean forward and tickle his chest with your hard nipples.

Smack! Jenny whacks your ass with her open palm. “You slut! I never thought you’d go all the way!” she cries, grabbing a handful of your hair.

“Jenny, I…” you gasp, frozen in position.

She spanks you again and your cunt involuntarily contracts around Steve’s cock.

“Shut up and keep fucking him Gertrude, you little slut whore!” she breathes into your ear.

Steve starts bucking his hips, trying to drive deeper inside you. You don’t know what to do.

“That’s it Steve,” says Jenny. “Fuck Gertrude. Fuck the little slut!”

Again she smacks your bottom. “What are you waiting for, Gertrude? I thought you wanted this?”

You slowly resume humping Steve’s cock, your hips forced to find a different motion now that Jenny is holding you flat against him with your ass in the air. Your butt is stinging from her slaps, but you are stunned to realize that you want her to hit you again.

“Spank me again, bitch,” you whisper, barely believing that the words are coming from your lips. You are rewarded by another stinging slap.

You feel all control slipping away from you as you grind down on Steve. He’s helpless, but Jenny definitely isn’t. Is she role-playing or is she genuinely upset? You can’t decide, and lust is clouding your judgment. You decide to abandon yourself to the moment and work it all out later!

Jenny pulls you upright by your hair, allowing you to ride the full length of Steve’s shaft again. You hump and grind frantically, spurred on my periodic slaps from Jenny. Finally Steve turns to Jenny and groans “Jenny, I’m gonna fucking cum in her…”

Jenny slams you forward onto his chest again and rips Steve’s cock out of your cunt. His eyes widen as she jacks him off, then you feel your bottom being spattered with hot semen. It dribbles between your buttocks and over your pussy, then trickles down your inner thighs.

Jenny smears Steve’s sperm over your butt with her hand, then smacks you again. “Take that, you cum-soaked bitch!” she cries.

Pressed against Steve’s sweaty body, you finger yourself to a massive orgasm while Jenny spanks your sticky, burning bottom. When it is over you feel completely spent and confused. Fear and shame — emotions that you suppressed in the heat of passion — threaten to overwhelm you.

You look at Jenny through tears in your eyes, trying to read the expression on her face.

“Don’t worry, Gertrude,” she coos, stroking your hair and kissing you on the cheek. “You can do it to me next time!”

The End