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He's Mine!

You have never considered yourself much of a ‘player.’ Sure, you have had your share of lovers, but never stringing two along at the same time. Until now.

It seemed too good to be true when you got together with Kate. Beautiful, and passionate, and with impressive sexual stamina. Your love life was amazing and you felt like you hit the jackpot.

Until, that is, Natalie caught your eye. You and Natalie hit it off right away and, after a few drinks, one thing led to another. It was incredible. Natalie is playful, creative and adventurous, and your night together was extremely memorable. Come the morning you both wanted more and arranged to meet up again.

Natalie knew about Kate, because you told her, but that did not put her off. In fact, the idea that another woman had a claim to you only seemed to excite her. You were forbidden fruit and she was enjoying the taste. You wondered if she was drawn to you because you were unavailable — and if she would have looked twice at you if you were single.

And that was how it started. Seeing both Kate and Natalie. On some level you know it is wrong, or at least can’t last. Yet when you try to consider which one to keep and which to let go… it seems an impossible choice.

Little do you suspect that the decision will be taken out of your hands, and in quite an explosive way.

It all comes to a head at hotel where you and Natalie like to hook up. It is special to both of you and adds a certain romance to your liaisons. It is classy — but not too expensive. Plus nothing there reminds you of Kate, so you can put her out of your mind. You’ve picked a night that your girlfriend is going out with her friends, so she won’t miss you.

It’s been a couple of weeks since your last rendezvous and you can’t wait to see Natalie again. You arranged to meet her in the lobby and, when you see her there, you can tell that the feeling is more than reciprocated.

“Hi stud,” says Natalie, greeting you warmly with a hug and kiss. She has always looked good, but you she’s really gone to town this time. She is wearing an evening dress that hugs her closely, showing off every curve, and providing small yet tantalising glimpses of the lingerie underneath. “I’ve reserved our usual table.”

“I have an idea what’s on the dessert menu,” you say, and she laughs in the sexy way she has.

You make your usual order. It’s a wonder the waiter even bothers to ask by now. The night will unfold as if by rote — you and Natalie here, having this meal and then, later, mind-blowing sex.

As if sensing your thoughts, Natalie gives you a mischievous look and slides her foot from her shoes and begins to rub her stockinged feet up and down your legs. It feels great and she has your full attention…

…which is why you don’t notice when Kate walks in.

“What the fuck is this? Who the fuck is she?”“

Startled, you look up to see Kate standing over your table with a face like thunder. Her face is not all you notice though. She looks amazing. Her hair is done up beautifully and you’ve never seen that dress before. Flattering and with a neckline that shows off her breasts to maximum effect.

Your stomach lurches as you realize that your girlfriend’s night out with the girls must’ve included a visit to the hotel’s trendy bar. You really should’ve picked a place further away from home!

“Oh, this must be Kate,” says Natalie, looking at you. “Well, this is awkward.

“Yes, I’m Kate,” says Kate, placing her hand on your shoulder possessively. “His girlfriend.”

“Hello Kate,” Natalie smiles at her sweetly and sarcastically. “I’m Natalie. His lover.”

Kate bristles at this and you start to feel a little self-conscious. Any moment now, this is going to be your fault — and you are going to lose both of them. Only… it doesn’t happen that way.

“Maybe I’m not being clear,” says Kate. “He is mine. I felt bad about leaving him alone while I was having a fun night out. Only to find he’s having to make do with some trashy slut. Well, I’m here now, so you can get lost.”

“Trashy?” repeats Natalie incredulously, and an electric tension fills the room. You get a sense that this is about to go downhill real quickly, unless you do something about it. Already other hotel guests in the restaurant are starting to look your way.