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(He's Mine!, continued...)

Reaching into your jacket pocket, you produce a wad of cash. Wordlessly, you offer it to the hotel manager. Looking at the money, the manager licks his lips nervously. Clearly, whoever owns the hotel is not paying the staff enough, because it’s only a heartbeat before he snatches the money from you and backs away.

Meanwhile, Natalie has recovered from Kate’s slap and is staring venomously at her. “You absolute bitch,” she cries, and throws herself at Kate.

Caught off-guard — although she should perhaps have known better — Kate stumbles backwards and the two go down in a heap.

On the restaurant floor, the pair roll around, their stockinged legs entangled and entwined. Natalie buries her hands in Kate’s beautifully arranged hair and yanks hard. Kate cries out in pain and claws at Natalie in return.

Natalie’s beautiful dress offers no protection against Kate’s attacks and is swiftly shredded. Beneath it, you see that the gauzy black lingerie that Natalie is wearing every bit as sexy and alluring as your earlier glimpse of it had implied. It all but offers up her bosom to you…

…only it’s Kate that is in a position to take advantage of it. She grabs at Natalie’s breasts and digs her nails in. Natalie cries out and releases Kate’s hair. Desperate to keep Kate from mauling her breasts, she grabs Kate’s wrists and slams them to the floor.

At this point, Natalie is lying atop Kate and they are face-to-face and breathing heavily.

Secure in her control of her rival, Natalie says, “Give it up and walk away,” she says, between breaths.

A wild, passionate, anger fills Kate’s face. “Not a chance,” she snarls back, “I told you. He. Is. Mine.”

On that last word, Kate arches her back and Natalie slips off her. Breaking free of Natalie’s grip, Kate hurls herself onto her enemy, but doesn’t make the same mistake of showing mercy. She slaps Natalie around the face a second time. And a third.

Reeling from the blows, Natalie covers her face — but Kate is relentless. Turning her attention to Natalie’s bra, she wrenches it loose, leaving Natalie’s beautiful orbs to go free. A sight appreciated by you and at least half the restaurant’s customers.

Unable to mount any offence, Natalie is helpless before Kate’s fury. Kate rains blows down on her, and destroys her dress. “No, stop!” calls out Natalie, plaintively, but Kate is on a mission to make sure that Natalie never threatens her claim to you again.

It is a side of your girlfriend you have never seen before. Wild, passionate and unrestrained. It’s extremely hot, but you wonder if perhaps enough is enough.