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(He's Mine!, continued...)

Kate’s hand rises up to slap Natalie again, but you catch it by the wrist. She turns, shocked and dismayed by the interruption, and comes face-to-face with you. “That’s enough,” you say, “you’ve won.”

Your girlfriend’s expression turns from annoyance to delight as she realizes what that means. The two of you kiss and you hold her body against yours, feeling the length of her press against you as you are lost in the passion of the moment.

You lose track of time briefly, but when the kiss ends you both look around a little guiltily. Some of the restaurant guests are still gawking, and others are pretending they were never watching. Natalie, looking hurt and humiliated, has crawled away to the side, where she looks at you both with sullen resentment.

You don’t know how long this scene has played out but — looking at the hotel manager’s expression — the time you bought has all but run out.

“Let’s head to the room,” you suggest and Kate nods enthusiastically.

The two of you half-walk, half-run, to the nearest elevator and Kate stabs the button for the 4th floor. As the elevator takes you slowly upward, you return to kissing Kate, who returns the kisses enthusiastically, your tongues wrestling with one another.

You run your hands all over Kate’s dress, and feel the soft, smoothness of her stockings. “That was so hot,” you tell Kate, between kisses, “I had no idea you had that in you.”

Kate kisses your neck and runs her hands into your pants to feel your cock, hard and begging to be set free. “I wasn’t going to let some slut come between us,” she says, “It’s like I told her. You’re mine. And I aim to keep it that way.”

You stumble into the hotel room, still all over one another. You are stunned by your girlfriend’s strength as she guides you to the bed and then, all of a sudden, pushes you hard with both hands to send you sprawling onto the covers. Kate proceeds to pull off your shoes, socks and pants with savage enthusiasm. Enjoying the passion, you do your part by removing your shirt.

You are lying atop the bed naked, your cock finally freed to reach for Kate, pre-cum already leaking. Kate removes what’s left of her dress, stockings and underwear, revealing her flawless body and pert nipples.

She proceeds to crawl onto the bed, almost in the manner of a tiger stalking her prey. Her eyes are fixed on yours intently. When her crotch comes into alignment with hers, she lowers herself — wet and ready — onto your cock with a satisfied moan.

She works her pussy along your cock slow and carefully. “You,” she says, drawing a finger across your chest, “Are”, she tweaks your nipple, “Mine.”

“I’m yours,” you reply, agreeing.

But your response does not seem to satisfy her. She quickens the motions with her pussy; fucking you a little harder and faster. “You… are… mine,” she repeats, with greater intensity.

You reach out and grip her thighs, feeling the warm, soft smooth skin. “I’m yours,” you reply again.

Again, Kate quickens the rhythm of her fucking, harder and with greater intensity. Again she repeats the words, “You are mine”. Each time she says it, the accompanying sensation of pleasure makes it more true. Each time you reply “I’m yours” she increases the intensity and the building orgasm becomes more unbearable. You are being rewarded for your submission to her — and it feels great.

In addition to fucking you, Kate proceeds to run her hands all over your body. Fondling your balls, leaving trails across your chest. And all the while she repeats, “You… are… mine…” though her breathing becomes more ragged and a shine of sweat covers you both.

The anticipation becomes unbearable, but Kate is in control. At the peak of your ecstasy, when you think you cannot hold on any more, she howls out, “YOU ARE MINE!”

And you climax, and the shockwaves through your body are incredible. You are left breathless as helpless as your cock pumps hard into Kate. “Oh god”, you moan, “Oh god Kate, I’m yours. I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours…”

Kate leans over you, pressing her breasts into your chest and bringing her face close to yours, so you can feel her breath. Her expression is both satisfied but also determined.

“And don’t you ever forget it,” she says.

You won’t.

The End