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(He's Mine!, continued...)

The sight of Kate all fired up, victorious and dominant consumes you with lust. Without even thinking about what you’re doing, you undo your belt and drop your pants. Then you move up behind Kate.

For her part, Kate is bending over the defeated Natalie and delivering her another stinging slap to her face. She gives a yelp of surprise when you pull down her panties and take her from behind.

“Babe?” she asks, uncertainly, clearly hoping it’s not someone else. You acknowledge your presence with a grunt and set to work fucking her. “Oh yes,” cries Kate, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

From the ground, a dazed Natalie looks up and sees your girlfriend leaning over her, with you drilling her from behind. You cannot see Kate’s face, but you can imagine the look of triumph. You can see Natalie’s face though, and watch it crumple in dismay.

It’s bad enough to have been beaten by Kate, but now she’s having to endure the sight of you fucking her in front of her. Humiliated, Natalie tries to rise — but Kate pins her down. “Oh no,” she says, between heavy breaths and moans, “you’re going to watch this. You’re going to see him fucking me and remember that in case you ever think of coming near him again.”

Natalie resists feebly, but Kate has beaten the fight out of her. So she lies there helplessly as you penetrate Kate again and again. Kate is loving every second of it. “Oh yes… Fuck me…”

When she feels you building to a finish, Kate suddenly pulls free of you. You gasp in dismay, but Kate stands next to you and takes your swollen cock in her hand and gives it a gentle massage — and that’s all it takes. You surge and thick white semen erupts from your cock, but Kate has taken the trouble to aim it so that it lands all over Natalie. Natalie recoils in disgust and dismay as you pull your pants up again.

“Come on ,” says Kate, taking you by the arm and leading you out of the restaurant, “I’m pretty sure that’s the last you’ll ever see of her.”

Life’s great, but you need to adapt to Kate’s newfound appetite for fighting and humiliating other women while you watch, which is fine until she does it at a wedding. Family get-togethers are never quite the same after that.

The End