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(He's Mine!, continued...)

You clench your hands into fists, tension running through you. All you can think of is how amazing Natalie is. Skilled, confident and creative. It’s hard to see her so… helpless. Yet she is trapped beneath Kate’s legs and can do little but raise her arms to try and deflect your girlfriend’s blows.

You think about intervening on her behalf, but Natalie is proud and she’d never forgive you.

“Come on, Natalie,” you whisper, “Fight back…”

It’s impossible that she heard you, but nevertheless something changes. You see her look around quickly and put that quick mind and creative imagination to use. Using only one arm to stave off Kate’s strikes, she reaches out with her left hand — and grabs the tablecloth and pulls.

When the pair were rolling around, they finally came to rest close to the table that you and Natalie had been eating at. By pulling at the tablecloth, the contents of the table come raining down on you both — but mostly Kate as she is in the way. This includes plates and glasses, but also a vase filled with water and flowers.

For the second time in a few minutes, Kate is drenched with water again. With a cry of shock, she looks to what’s been falling on her — and that buys Natalie the chance she needs. She wriggles free and pulls back a leg delivering a strong kick to Kate’s midriff.

This kick pushes Kate clear and allows Natalie the chance to get back up. From the look on her face, she is out for some payback. Kate is slightly winded by the kick, but also recovers quickly and scrabbles to her feet.

Natalie’s tits are exposed for all to see, but this does not seem to trouble her. She’s been proud of her body and, to be fair, it is fine indeed. She moves in on Kate and, before the latter can act, shoves her hard with both hands. Kate stumbles back into the table, which she grabs with both hands for balance. With a clear shot, Natalie grabs Kate’s hair with both hands and yanks her forward. Kate howls.

“You should have walked away when I gave you the chance,” shouts Natalie, and uses Kate’s hair to throw her to the ground. Desperately, Kate clambers to all fours, but too slow and Natalie is on her again.

“You let everyone see my tits,” says Natalie, “and whilst I’m sure they all enjoyed the show, I think it’s only fair they see yours too.”

With that, she grabs the back of Kate’s dress and pulls hard, causing a long rip down the back. As Kate regains her feet, the dress falls away leaving her in only her underwear. A lacy red bra and matching panties. An appreciative sound goes through the crowd, and Kate is immediately self-conscious, making moves to cover up.

This creates another opening for the topless and fearless Natalie, who gets behind your girlfriend and snaps her bra strap, causing that to fall too. Enraged, Kate turns and attacks Natalie again, but Natalie grabs her by the wrists again to stop her strikes. For a moment, they are locked together, straining and grunting, their tits pressed together.

Then Kate slowly overpowers Natalie and twists to wrap her in a headlock. “You are so going to pay for what you’ve done,” snarls Kate, and for a moment you are worried for Natalie again.

“Wanna bet?” answers the bent-over Natalie, and punches Kate square in the cunt.

Kate howls again and her legs go weak. She releases Natalie and clutches at her crotch. You had no idea that Natalie was willing to fight so dirty.

“So that’s your weakspot, huh?” asks Natalie, “Can’t take a pounding? Are you sure you’ve slept with him?”

Kate’s eyes go wide with alarm as Natalie prepares another punch. She raises her hands — but it’s a feint. Instead, Natalie’s leg flashes up and kicks her square in the cunt again. Tears fill her eyes as she’s overwhelmed by the pain. She slumps to the ground and starts making incoherent sounds, which could be interpreted as begging Natalie to stop.

“What’s that?” asks Natalie, “you give up? Oh we’re well past that…”

With that, Natalie delivers one last arcing kick to Kate’s cunt, and the pain causes her to pass out.

Natalie looks down at the defeated Natalie, lying there naked save for the red panties that offered no protection. She turns to look at you. “I can see what you saw in her,” she says, “she’s a sexy piece of ass. But I think I’ve made it pretty clear who’s the better woman, right?”