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(He's Mine!, continued...)

“It’s you,” you say, with confidence and pride. You step forward to wrap your arms around your flushed, but victorious, lover.

“You’re damn fucking right it is,” Natalie says, and kisses you passionately. You return the kiss and hold her body close to yours. Natalie breaks the kiss first and says, “Let’s get out of here. I think it’s time for dessert.”

You had all but forgotten the joke you made at the start of the evening. Still, Natalie doesn’t have to tell you twice. You both step over the semi-conscious Kate and leave her to the hotel staff to deal with. You both hurry up the stairs to the waiting hotel room and you let her in.

She considers her own ruined clothes and looks you over. “I think I’ve proven my commitment to you enough this evening,” she says, “It’s your turn now.”

“Yes mistress,” you say with mock subservience, and lift her onto the bed. There it is only a moment’s work to strip away what remains of her clothes, leaving her naked and ready.

You run your hands up her thighs and open her legs to reveal her cunt, already leaking fluid in readiness for you. You lean in and kiss the lips of her vagina before putting your tongue to work on her clitoris. Natalie lets out a long, shuddering, moan — quite unlike the panting and grunting of her battle with your girlfriend.

“That’s right,” she says, “That’s where you belong. You belong with me, not some green-eyed pair of tits on legs who can’t take a punch. You belong with me. You belong in me.”

You sense that this is your chance to cement your relationship with Natalie. So you give her your full attention. Caressing her with your hands, and teasing her with your tongue. Using every trick you’ve ever known — and some you improvise on the fly — to build and sustain her pleasure for as long as you can. It’s a heroic effort and one that seems to deliver as Natalie proceeds to orgasm with an intensity you’ve never witnessed before.

This only awakens her appetites and is swiftly followed by you having the chance to fuck her and gain your own release. The night proceeds with more of the same to the point where you even start to wonder what you saw in Kate.

When you awaken the next morning, it is with Natalie lying in bed with you. You look at her sleeping with renewed eyes, understanding her true value to you at last.

Just at that moment, a piece of paper is slipped under the door. You retrieve and open it. It’s a bill for the dinner and damages from last night. You look back at Natalie in the bed and conclude it was totally worth it.

The End