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(He's Mine!, continued...)

“Get off me!” cries Natalie.

“Not until you say it,” says Kate, wrenching at Natalie’s head again. The two of them remain locked up like that for minutes more, Natalie struggling in futility between gasps of pain. Your girlfriend is in control and not giving her opponent an inch. You watch as Natalie’s fire turns to frustration, and then to exhaustion. You see the realisation that she has lost sink in.

“Ahhh,” she wails, “I quit! I quit! He’s yours. You can have him.”

Kate’s eyes light up at that, but she’s not done. “Oh no, honey. That’s not what you need to say. You need to beg me to fuck him in front of you.”

“What?” asks Natalie. “You’re crazy!”

Kate releases the grip under Natalie’s chin, and wraps her arms under Natalie’s arms, joining her hands behind Natalie’s neck — a full nelson. “You made me crazy,” she spits with venom, “trying to take him from me. Talking shit about being the better woman.”

Your girlfriend rolls Natalie so she can wrap her legs around her waist and squeeze, simultaneously putting pressure on Natalie’s arms and neck. The effect is also to turn Natalie facing toward you. She looks up at you, with her eyes filled with tears, silently pleading with you to save her.

You remain impassive — although your cock is raging at the two sexy grapplers. It’s over. Natalie said she quit, and you promised to be faithful to the winner. There’s nothing you can do for her now.

Powerless against Kate and hurting, Natalie surrenders to the inevitable. “FFffuck…” she cries, “Fuck him. Please. Just fuck him and leave me alone.”

It’s good enough for Kate who lets Natalie go — leaving her where she lies. Kate draws herself up, tall and proud. She strides over to you, takes the glass from your hand and sets it down. “You heard her,” she says, “I won and I want my prize.”

Kate takes you by the belt and leads you to the bed, where she proceeds to undo it and drop your pants and underwear. You assist by removing your shirt, and Kate runs her hands over your chest appreciatively.

You cast a glimpse at Natalie who is lying on her side and recovering. The look on her face tells you that she doesn’t want to stay but is afraid of what your girlfriend may do if she tries to leave. Then Kate’s left hand turns your head back to face her. “Don’t pay any attention to her,” she says, “Pay attention to me.” And she takes your cock in her right hand, squeezing it firmly but gently.

It is a lover’s touch but you get the sense she could squeeze a lot harder if she wanted — if you gave her cause. You choose not to and lean in to kiss her. It is soft and tender; starkly different from the way she was treating Natalie moments before. By touch alone, you remove Kate’s bra and panties and let them fall to the floor. Her breasts press into your chest, soft and warm from her exertions.

You both drift onto the waiting and welcoming bed and come together. Your cock slides perfectly into Kate’s warm, wet, hole, and she lets out a contented moan. “Oh this was worth it,” says Kate. “So worth it. Fuck me. Show that bitch that you’re mine.”

Obediently, but certainly not reluctantly, you oblige and the two of you rock back and forth, wrapped in passion and building to ecstasy. Your kisses become more urgent, save for one moment when you kiss Kate’s neck — and you are sure she turns her head to look at her defeated adversary to make sure she’s watching.

And when you are both spent, Kate rises from the bed, fetches one of the cheap hotel bathrobes and throws it to Natalie. “Get out,” she says, “we never want to see you again.” Sullenly, Natalie obeys, gathering her dress and shoes — but says nothing less she rouse your girlfriend’s anger.

When the door closes behind her, Kate turns back to you. “That settles that,” she says, “Now, where were we?”

The End