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(He's Mine!, continued...)

“Whoa there,” you say, “Let’s not get carried away. I will one hundred percent admit that I handled this badly, but I think this situation has real potential.”

That stops them both short and they turn to look at you. You press on. “You are both amazing women. Confident, sexually adventurous, and able to appreciate the male and female form.”

Your girlfriend blushes a little at that, as it was something that had come up in private. Natalie takes it in her stride. “Now I think we got off on the wrong foot,” you continue, “but this doesn’t have to turn nasty.”

Kate looks like she is about to object, but a calculating look has crossed Natalie’s face and she interrupts. “Kate is really attractive,” Natalie says, which trips up Kate and stops whatever she was about to say, “and I can see why you think I’d like her — but that doesn’t mean she’s in my league. Sexually, that is.”

“What does that mean?” asks Kate, outraged by the implied insult she doesn’t understand.

Natalie turns back to her and runs her tongue across her upper lip. “I’m saying, sweetie, that no one — man or woman — is a match for me when it comes to fucking. I always have complete control and can make them cum when I want.”

“Oh you are so full of it,” responds Kate, but you can tell the idea has caught her imagination. It certainly has yours. And you know from experience how good Natalie is.

“Try me,” says Natalie, and in a blink she has leaned in to Kate and is kissing her. Kate’s eyes widen for a moment, then soften as she feels the kiss, before narrowing and realizing this is just another form of challenge to her position. She returns the kiss, but there’s a definite edge to it. She slides her hands forward and interlaces her fingers with Natalie’s and they begin to strain against one another.

You realize what is happening. Somehow the threat of a catfight has pivoted to each of the nubile women proving that they are more sexually dominant. A sexfight. A fight won when one woman makes the other cum first. Why did you have to get tangled up with headstrong, passionate, women in this way?