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(He's Mine!, continued...)

You unzip your pants and reach in for your waiting cock. It almost jumps into your grasp as you slowly begin the motions to make your own love custard. Before you get too carried away, you reach into your pocket and put something else into play.

By this point, Natalie and Kate have broken apart again and staggered to their feet. They are so drenched in cream, custard and god knows what else that you can barely tell them apart. One that you think is Kate throws a bowl of something at Natalie, but she misses completely.

For her part, Natalie stomps up to Kate and delivers a massive right hook across the jaw. This sends a dazed and reeling Kate staggering back and — oh yeah — straight into the chocolate fountain. There she is doused in the thick, warm, gloopy, liquid chocolate. It falls like a waterfall over her hair and face, and renders her unable to see.

Natalie follows your girlfriend in and is also quickly swamped in a creamy brown wave. Unlike Kate, however, she is still able to see and follows up her first successful punch with another to the tits. Kate grasps her breasts in pain, but then slips and lands on herass. Natalie follows her down and proceeds to continue wrestling with Kate, trying to make her submit.

You can sense this is nearly over and proceed to jerk yourself harder. For the big finish, Natalie grabs Kate’s hair and buries her face in the pooled liquid chocolate. Blind, defenceless and struggling to breath, your girlfriend gives up the fight completely and merely strives to keep her mouth empty of the chocolate goo.

Sensing her victory, Natalie releases Kate, and Kate just slumps on her back, breathing hard, unable to do anything else. You watch as the triumphant Natalie stands over her fallen adversary — and you cum so hard you see stars.

Natalie looks over at you and sees you spilling your seed over the conference room floor. Her expression is one of utter disgust and she storms out, leaving you in a room with a tremendous mess.

You feel a slight pang at her going, and you don’t fancy your chances of clearing this up with your defeated and humiliated girlfriend. Still, the loss is somewhat mollified when you pick up the phone you fetched from your pocket and see that the whole thing recorded just perfectly. This short film is going to keep you privately entertained for years to come — and is proof this whole thing really happened.

The End