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(He's Mine!, continued...)

You can’t stay away from Kate. Her motel isn’t too far away and so arranging to drive by one evening isn’t much of a hardship. You are a little nervous because you are not supposed to be here. The fact that you are breaking the rules offers a little thrill.

You knock on the door and Kate opens it. She is dressed in shorts and a sports bra and has been obviously sweating. It gives her a glowing shine. She looks surprised to see you. “Babe!” she says, “You’re not supposed to be here…”

Nevertheless, she steps back to let you through the door. You enter her house and find that much of the room has been filled with a large mat. “You’ve redecorated,” you say.

Kate laughs. “I’m taking my training very seriously,” she says, then looks at you intently, “I’m not going to lose you.”

Then she skips back onto the mat and bounces on the balls of her feet. “My trainer, Hiroyuki, says I’ve got a good ground game, but need to work on my stand-up.” You look at her blankly for a second. “I’m better at grappling than punching or kicking,” Kate explains, then a mischievous light appears in her eyes, “Want a demo?”

The training has clearly given your girlfriend more confidence, and you like it. When you’ve made love before, you have occasionally play-wrestled but you were always able to overpower her. Now, after a couple of weeks with this Hiroyuki guy, she thinks she can handle you?

“Alright then,” you say, “Show me what you’ve got.” You slip your shoes and coat off and step onto the mat with her.

Smiling Kate walks up to you and wraps her hands behind your neck. She opens her lips and pulls you forward, as if for a kiss. Then in a blur of motion, she wraps her right arm around your neck, twists to insert her ass to your crotch, and kneels down. This both twists you and sends you pitching forward, over her back and slamming onto the mat.

In the heartbeat you are stunned, Kate wraps her legs around your right arm, and puts both arms behind your head to reach and lock up your left wrist. In no time at all, she is lying across your chest. Your neck is bent upward, and both of your arms are trapped. You try and break free, but she is holding you fast.

“Hot damn, Kate,” you say, impressed. Her skill and strength are super sexy. Plus the feel of her smooth, sexy, legs wrapped around your arm is also arousing.

She smiles and kisses you. “Now I’ve got you in my power…” she says, and looks you in the face seriously. “Make love to me,” she says, “Remind me what I’m fighting for.”

You need no persuading. It’s the reason you came here. You nod and Kate lets you loose. You immediately pounce on her, pinning her wrists to the mat and pressing down on her. “Oh it’s like that?” she asks, playfully, and bucks you off. She goes for another armlock, but you are ready for her this time.

You roll around together, jockeying for position, for control, and getting increasingly turned on as your bodies rub together. You get the feeling that Kate has eased off the pedal a bit. She wants you to beat her, to take her. And when you slam her wrists down, pinning her for a second time, she all but begs you to fuck her.

Having overpowered her, you pull down your pants and reach into her shorts. They are drenched, signifying her readiness for you. You reach inside her to be sure and she lets out a deep sound. “No…” she moans, “Your cock. I need your cock.”

Pulling down her shorts, your cock is all too ready to oblige and you thrust it, balls-deep, into her warm, welcoming, cunt. You writhe together, and you are surprised that Kate is not done grappling. She rolls you so that that is on top and holding your wrists down. You retaliate and pin her again, riding inside her.

That third time, she surrenders — not in word, but in body, and she arches her back as she cums.

Instead of being exhausted, the pulsations of pleasure bring her to life and there is a sparkle in her eyes. She rolls you both one more time, so that she is on top. “That’s right,” she says, “You’re mine. And no one is taking you from me. I’m going to destroy that wannabe slut.”

The fire in her eyes and voice is both arousing and slightly alarming. You have awoken a warrior woman. You want to stay, but you have other obligations. “Don’t worry,” says Kate, “That was exactly what I needed. I’ll see you soon.”