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(He's Mine!, continued...)

The two combatants return to their respective corners, where their trainers are waiting for them. You cannot hear the advice they are given, but both keep their eyes fixed on the other the whole time. It seems their training has instilled a focus and clarity of purpose in each of them. Neither of them looks your way, and that is both surprising and slightly disappointing. It’s almost as though they have priorityzed the fight over you. Though perhaps they do not want the distraction.

When the second round begins, they dance back into the middle of the ring. Kate is clearly conscious that she is behind and is more aggressive. She throws some punches, which Natalie rocks back from. On a swing from Kate, Natalie dodges again but takes the window for a counter punch which stops Kate’s attack.

Natalie follows it up with a kick, but Kate was ready for her and grabs the leg. Surging forward, Kate knocks Natalie off her feet and they go down together. Natalie tries to break loose by raining blows on Kate, as Kate wraps her legs around one of Natalie’s and tries to do the same to one of her arms.

Realizing the danger, Natalie rocks and sends Kate into the side of the cage. Finding purchase, she pushes Kate into the cage, pinning her there. Kate holds on to Natalie fiercely, but cannot get a submission hold on. The two of them lie there, entangled and straining, for seconds that feel like minutes. You see Natalie say something, but cannot hear her words. It doesn’t seem like a taunt though.

With a sudden twist, Natalie is able to dislodge Kate enough to break free and pulls back to the centre of the ring. Regaining her feet, Kate gives pursuit and they are back to trading blows again. Your girlfriend manages to get a couple through Natalie’s guard; one to the face and one to the midriff. Yet for every hit Kate delivers, Natalie sends one back, including one that draws blood when Kate bites her lip.

Both women look worse for wear at the end of the second round, with bruises flowering where blows have landed, and the cut on Kate’s lip. Yet their resolve is undiminished going into the third. Despite all their training, neither Kate or Natalie have ever undergone the intensity and endurance challenge of a match like this, and it’s starting to take its toll. Both are breathing more heavily, and are covered in a sheen of sweat, and their swings become less precise and more wild.

Once again, Kate is able to take down Natalie, and they roll as Kate tries to get from a hold to a lock. Once again, Natalie is just able to force her off and break free. They are seemingly excellently matched for one another.

And just like that… it’s over. The third and final round ends, without a decisive submission or knockout. The crowd are nonetheless delighted at having seen the two women give their all. The referee stands with your girlfriend on one side and your lover on the other and — on instruction from the judges — raises Natalie’s hand, declaring her the winner. Those early points scored on Kate proved decisive.

Natalie looks down at you in the seats, flushed, proud and resolute. You look at Kate, but she is looking down at her feet.