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(He's Mine!, continued...)

When the crowd dies down, Clyde escorts you to the ‘backstage’ area, and leaves you by the door. Tentatively, you open the door to a locker room area. The air is humid and warm, and you can hear the sounds of a shower running. You also hear the sounds of grunting and female exertion.

Your heart leaps in your chest. With the MMA fight having gone to a decision, have Natalie and Kate sought to settle the matter privately in the locker room? You run forward — ready to break them up if you need to…

…and you stop up short by the scene you find at showers. Amidst the swirling steam, and sound of running water, Kate is naked. The water falls on her upraised face, and her eyes are closed and she is biting her lip. Rivulets of water are running over and between her exposed breasts. Her hands are curled around the pipes tightly, for tension and support. Her legs are splayed apart and there, between them, is Natalie. You cannot see Natalie’s face — or your girlfriend’s pussy — but the sounds Kate is making leave you in no doubt as to what is happening.

You are stunned by the view. The two of them, entirely naked and battle-scarred, cuts and bruises on their otherwise flawless bodies. Kate gives another “Uhnf” and then a sudden “Oh… Oh!” as her climax comes upon her.

Rising from where she is kneeling, Natalie stops up Kate’s mouth with her own and silences her cries of passion with a kiss. Their bodies pressed together.

Feeling slightly awkward, you cough. Kate opens her eyes and registers you with an expression of shock. Natalie turns and gives you a cool look. “Oh, hey there,” she says, “Kate and I were just… making up.”

Your girlfriend lets out a small laugh at that, and Natalie fetches a towel for each of them.

“I came to congratulate you,” you say, feeling like an intruder.

“Thanks,” says Natalie, “And thank you. This has been a real experience. For both of us.”

“Yeah,” says Kate, “I had no idea how intense this all was. I’d never have thought to try this if it wasn’t for you.”

“That’s good,” you say, uncertain where this is going.

“Clyde was impressed by us too,” says Natalie, “for rookies. He wants us to do a rematch. In fact. he actually offered us a contract to join his touring fight promotion. More training. And the money is good.”

“Really good,” echoes Kate, “Only this means that Natalie and I are going to be on the road a lot more. Together.”

Natalie tilts her head and looks at you a little wistfully. “Yeah, so we probably won’t be seeing you much. It’s been great and all, but this opportunity is too good to pass up. I might give you a call if we are passing through.”

“Don’t worry about us,” says Kate, wrapping her arms around Natalie from behind, “We’ll be okay.”

This was not the victory celebration you had in mind. You mumble something about being happy for them and wishing them the best for the future.

As you leave you hear Kate say to Natalie, “My turn…”

The End