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(He's Mine!, continued...)

Increasingly frustrated, Kate takes a huge swing at Natalie — which would certainly do more harm than just ‘first blood’ if it connected. Yet Natalie raises her own blade to catch it. Rather than withdraw, Kate presses in and the two swords are locked together as the duellists are brought face to face.

“You still don’t get it,” hisses Kate, “He is mine.”

“Oh baby,” taunts Natalie, “You’ve already lost. You just don’t know it yet.”

Natalie pushes back hard and Kate steps back. Natalie thrusts at Kate, which is easily parried, but reinforces the distance between them again. They return to slashing, cutting and thrusting at each other — and slowly, but surely, Kate continues to give ground.

Suddenly, Natalie’s intentions become clear. With each exchange of blows, she is forcing Kate backwards towards the brook. With all her attention on Natalie, Kate has lost her awareness of her surroundings and is rapidly approaching the slippery edge.

You think about shouting a warning to your girlfriend, but you promised you wouldn’t get involved. So instead you can only watch helplessly as Natalie closes her trap. With a deft flick of her rapier’s tip, Natalie makes a shallow cut on the top of Kate’s left breast.

It’s so fast that it takes Kate a moment to register it. Then she gasps in shock and dismay. She looks down at the cut and then up at Natalie. Natalie raises her rapier to point the tip at Kate’s throat.

“Don’t…” gasps Kate, dropping her rapier and raising her hands.

Natalie lowers her blade and steps up to Kate. “Just so we’re clear,” she says, “He is mine.”

With that, she swings her fist and punches Kate across the jaw. Kate cries out in pain and rocks back, before yelping further and slipping and falling down the bank and into the brook. There she lies in the mud and cold water, sobbing.

Natalie turns to you with a triumphant smile on her face. She advances on you, still holding her rapier.

“You were incredible,” you say to her, “You beat her easily and won the duel. And me.”

In response, Natalie raises her blade and points it at your chest. You look at her in shock. “I may have achieved victory,” she says, “but I still demand satisfaction. Remove your clothes.”

You are not actually entirely sure if she is joking or not but, having seen her skill with a sword, you are not about to argue. You do as she says and in moments you are completely naked, and grateful that no one else is around.

“Very good,” she says, “Now lay down that I might have my way with you.”

You obey and, as you do so, Natalie removes her remaining items of clothing. Naked, she mounts you and begins to ride you hard. And there, on the dew covered grass by the brook, Natalie achieves satisfaction.

The End