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(He's Mine!, continued...)

Both Natalie and Kate look at you as though you were mad. “You want us to duel… with pillows?” asks Kate.

It’s ridiculous when she says it out loud, but you have a good feeling about this.

“Yes,” you say, “and there’s no sense hanging about. Let’s do this.”

Natalie hesitates and looks at what she’s wearing. “If we’re doing this, I’m getting changed first.” She looks at Kate. “I’ll see you in his’s room in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting,” answers Kate, proving that although things have calmed down, the hostility is still there.

Ten minutes later, there’s a knock on the door. Your girlfriend enters first. Like Natalie, she concluded that a pillow fight in evening wear and heels was a bad idea, so she also went to change. And you cannot complain about the results.

She enters wearing a dressing gown — which is sensible for walking the halls of the hotel — but on seeing you are in your room alone, she slips it off to reveal a red silk camisole beneath. There are many excellent memories associated with that lingerie — and the brief times it’s been worn. You know Kate knows that, and has chosen to wear it to remind you of what’s at stake.

The red camisole hangs lightly over Kate’s shapely frame, and the two straps on the shoulder are loose. You know without even looking that she will have no underwear on underneath. Nothing between you and her pussy.

The thought is mouth-watering, and dick-hardening. Kate moves over to you and — taking your face in her hands — kisses you. You can smell the perfume she has touched up. She teases your tongue with her own and, just before you get too carried away, she pulls back. “Are you really going to make us go through with this?” she asks, “Isn’t it obvious that I’m better for you — and to you?”

You are about to answer when the door opens and Natalie enters. A flash of anger crosses her face as she sees her rival before you, cradling your face in her hands. Natalie, like Kate, is wearing one of the hotel bathrobes. “I hope I’m not interrupting,” she says, not meaning a word of it.

Natalie proceeds to remove her robe to reveal a shiny black chemise — which you recognize because you bought it for her. As you recall all too well, the neckline is cut to accentuate her breasts and its length short enough that the full extent of her legs are on show. You would equally bet that she has no underwear on either.

You move away from Kate, so as to seem as impartial as possible. The two women in thin, loosely hanging nightwear, stand in the room and face each other down. The air crackles with the unresolved tension between them.

Here goes nothing, you think, and pass out two of the hotel pillows. “Here are the rules,” you say, “Use the pillows only. When the loser gives, they have to do what the winner says. Understood?”

Both Natalie and Kate nod their understanding. “Then begin,” you say.

Right away, they both start laying into one another with the pillows. Their swings are wild and, where they land, they do so heavily. Neither woman holding back. Both of them had made it clear they would not, and even though you had believed them it is still remarkable to witness.

At one point, your girlfriend seems to gain the advantage. A mighty swing sends Natalie staggering, and her breasts fall out of her nightdress. Kate tries to press the advantage, but Natalie braces against the pillow strikes and swings back, quickly regaining her feet and getting back in the fray. With the weapons they have, they are unable to deliver any lasting harm or decisive blows.

Which is exactly part of your plan.

You derive no small pleasure from watching the two objects of your desire go at one another. The grunts and groans — along with a few choice insults — send a shiver down your spine. More importantly though, you watch them wear themselves out.

With each determined to give it their all, they are expending energy fast. Their breathing grows heavier and their blows grow slower. And in this moment, you see each of them recognize the tenacity and stubbornness in the other. The unwillingness to quit which they would find admirable — if the other were not a threat.

As to the thin, soft, nightwear, it does not hold up to the battle at all well. Within minutes, both pieces have slipped to the floor and Natalie and Kate are left naked. As you correctly identified, neither is wearing panties.

You wait for your moment and then, in a lull when both are too exhausted to strike, you make your move.

With a sudden movement, you grab Kate from behind and throw her onto the double bed. Natalie stares open-mouthed, unsure of what just happened, when you turn and grab her and throw her onto the bed beside Kate.

Stunned and exhausted, each girl lies there in a daze. You then proceed to insert your fingers into each of their cunts — your left hand in Natalie’s and your right hand in Kate’s. To your surprise, you find them already damp. It’s a pleasant discovery as it makes your job easier.

You have your way with the two helpless girls, massaging their clits and alternating kisses to their bodies and licking their breasts and nipples. You are the consummate and attentive lover, ensuring both receive the full benefit of your skills. Both Natalie and Kate are stirred to soft moans and groans.

When you cannot bear it any longer, you unleash your cock. First, you insert it into Kate and with steady thrusting motions you bring her to climax. As she screams and writhes in pleasure, you withdraw and insert yourself into Natalie. A damp spot has built up, fuelled by your fingering and inflamed by Kate’s cries of pleasure.

With purposeful strokes, you finish off Natalie as well, leaving her squealing and wriggling.

They both look up at you, and witness your cock still outstretched before you. “Girls,” you say, “your master remains unsatisfied. Attend to my needs.”

Dazed, but desperate to please, both Natalie and Kate are all over you, plying you with kisses and caresses. They simultaneously lick your cock from either side. In the end, it’s Natalie who takes it in her mouth, but then that was always more her thing than Kate’s. Kate fondles your balls and traces her fingers over your exposed flesh. You feel the pressure build and then erupt — whether into Natalie’s mouth or over the floor you hardly care.

Then you bring both girls together and the three of you like naked in a shared embrace upon the bed. The two girls are utterly spent, but you bask in your own genius. The pillow fight had been just the outlet for them to let out their hostility and pride — without hurting or scarring the other. Once that was drained, you were able to demonstrate — with clear effectiveness — your ability to please them both, and their combined ability to please you.

How does the saying go? “Make love not war”? In the end, the real winner was you and — as per the terms of the duel — both Natalie and Kate have to do what you say. It’s all going to work out. It’s all going to work out just fine.

The End