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In the Guest Room

You’re having difficulty sleeping and it’s not just because it’s a warm night. The main problem is that you can’t stop thinking about Ryan, and the fact that he’s crashing in the guest room, just a short distance down the hallway.

You think about Ryan a lot. Actually, ‘thinking’ doesn’t describe it properly. ‘Fantasizing’ is more accurate. You fantasize about him all the time, and now that he’s under the same roof your imagination has shifted into overdrive.

What if you got up and snuck into his room right now? What if you woke him up with a deep, passionate kiss? What if you told him how much you wanted to fuck him?

You trace your hand down over your breasts and your bare stomach where your skimpy nightie has ridden up. Your legs part and you slide your fingers further down and start tracing the outline of your pussy slit with your middle finger. You rub back and forth, pressing the silky crotch of your panties between your labia, feeling the warmth and the dampness increase.

You try to imagine what Ryan’s dick looks like. You’ve noticed his bulge several times. It looks like it could be bigger than normal. Your hand sneaks into your panties as you try to visualize his thick, throbbing cock at full erection. You’d love to grab it and stroke it. You’d love to hear his gentle moans as you fondle his balls and jack him slowly. Then you’d put that beautiful cock to good use…

Your pussy is completely wet now and your fingers are slick with your juices. This is when you would normally start a full-frontal assault on your clit and frig yourself to orgasm. You’re certainly frustrated enough to do that now. But a persistent thought causes you to hold off.

Ryan is just down the hall. Go on, take a look. He didn’t bring pajamas. He might be naked in there. Just take a peek while he’s sleeping…

The idea of spying on Ryan ties your stomach into a nervous knot. What if you got caught? But the prospect of watching him sleep, seeing him vulnerable, maybe seeing more of him than you should — suddenly it’s all you can think about. You rub your clit a bit more, hoping to drive away this dangerous impulse, but now when you think of his cock, his chest, his ass… now when you think of him you can’t get over the fact that he’s under the same fucking roof, just down the fucking hall…

Almost in a trance you pull your covers over and swing your feet down on to the floor. You tiptoe to your bedroom door and open it carefully, trying to minimize the sound of the handle turning. You step into the hallway and ever-so-slowly close the door behind you, terrified of rousing anyone in the house.

You stand still for a moment, listening for any movement, then start tiptoeing down the hall to the room where Ryan is sleeping.

A floorboard creaks and you freeze, listening for any indication that you’ve woken someone. You still have the chance to pretend you’re heading for the bathroom, but this is the point of no return.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” you ask yourself, tentatively resuming your journey.

You could get caught in the hallway…

You could get caught in his room…

You might wake him up…

He might grab you and fuck you, right then and there…

Your heart flutters at the thought. You’d let him, if he tried. You’d let Ryan have his way with you in a heartbeat, you’re so fucking horny right now.

“Girl, what are you doing?” you ask yourself in a hushed whisper as your hand reaches for the door handle of the guest bedroom.

“Just taking a peek,” you reply to yourself sub-audibly as you gently turn it. “Now shut up!”

With your breath held and your ears straining for any sound coming from within the room, you slowly, very slowly, open the guest room door. Then, when it’s wide enough, you poke your head through the gap.

You can clearly see Ryan asleep on the bed, illuminated by a ray of moonlight shining through a gap in the curtains. He’s on his back, covered only by a sheet. The contrasting light and shadow makes him look like a sculpture. A sexy sculpture with bare chest and arms exposed, breathing gently. His legs are slightly askew, his hips angled slightly towards your vantage point — and is that just a trick of the way the sheet is draping, or is it… is it…

Oh Jesus, that’s his cock. That’s the outline of his cock that you can see through the sheet. It’s at least semi-hard. It’s big, maybe bigger than you’ve dreamed.

You can’t take your eyes off him. He looks so peaceful sleeping there, but so potently manly, so full of sexual promise.

You ease yourself through the partly-open doorway and step fully into the room for a better view. He’s naked under that sheet — he must be.

You stare at the bulge his prick makes, long and thick, and you wonder what it might look like in the flesh. One hand slips into your panties and you start rubbing your groove while staring at Ryan’s cock barely six feet away from you, hidden only by that thin sheet — that thin sheet that barely covers him, and which, with just a few little tugs, could fall away and reveal him completely.

Your fingering increases both speed and pressure, and your pussy is as wet as it has ever been. The wrongness of what you are doing, the risk of getting caught, and the proximity of Ryan’s naked body all combine to make you insanely horny. You could bring yourself to orgasm right here, right now, right in front of him as he sleeps unknowing.

Or, you could just sneak over and give that sheet the slightest of tugs, and you could get a look at his naked prick.