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(In the Guest Room, continued...)

“Well Ryan, this is your lucky night,” you reply. While continuing to jerk his cock you start to rain little kisses over his stomach and hips, your hair brushing against his skin and causing him to tremble. He smells so good, so earthy, so intensely male that your mouth starts to water.

You get up from your knees and stand by the side of the bed. Ryan stares at you, no doubt wondering what’s next.

You take your little nightie by the hem and pull it up and over your head, exposing your breasts to him. A smile crosses his lips. “You’re beautiful,” he whispers.

You smile back, then you hook your thumbs into your panties and tug them down. His eyes dart to your freshly-revealed pussy, all neat and tidy following your landscaping efforts from the day before.

“You’re about to get laid,” you tell him. He doesn’t object.

You put one knee on the bed next to his hip, then swing the other leg over and straddle him. You can feel the tip of his cock tickling the base of your buttocks. You reach down to adjust him, then settle down, sandwiching his shaft up against his stomach with your pussy. You start slowly rubbing your pussy up and down his length, your lips spread around him, all wet and slippery.

Ryan’s hands find their way to your hips, and you place yours on his chest, leaning forward. He tries to reach your nipples with his mouth, but fails. You assist him by sliding your butt forward on to his stomach and dangling your breasts in his face, propping yourself with your hands on his pillow.

He draws a nipple into his mouth and sucks, sending electric shocks through you. His tongue traces circles around your stiff bud, then his teeth scrape and nip, making you gasp. Meanwhile his hands find their way to your ass and squeeze firmly.

You sense that the balance of power is shifting. You need to reassert your dominance — to let him know that you are the one in control. That’s your best chance for controlling what happens after tonight. You can’t let him think he can take you whenever he wants. That would be too dangerous. Whatever this is, it has to be on your terms.

You pull your breast from his mouth with a wet pop and sit upright astride him. One at a time you take his hands from your backside and place them above his head on the pillow.

“Keep them there. Do I have to tie you?” you ask.

Ryan shakes his head.

“Good.” You reach between your legs and grab hold of his prick, running your palm along its whole length and momentarily cupping his silky balls. Then you rub his knob against your clit and work it into your slit, easing it slowly along until you feel it pressing against your entrance.

This is it. You’re going to fuck him. You’re actually going to fuck Ryan.

With a groan you sink down on his prick, reveling in the sensation of your cunt expanding around his girth. Your flesh enfolds his flesh — his pulsing, throbbing prick intrudes deeper and deeper into your being as the weight of your body presses inexorably down, impaling you further and further, until he fills you completely and your bottom kisses his thighs. He’s so big, so thick, but you knew you could take him all. You were born to take him all.

Ryan sighs and the look on his face tells you all you need to know about how much he appreciates what just happened.

You wait a moment to give you both the chance to relish your newly-conjoined state. He’s part of you now, and you’ve taken part of him. You bite your lip and give him a sexy smile, full of promise. He smiles back, but you can feel the urgency in him, the building desire to take control of you, and fuck you.

You fuck him first. Starting slow, but quickly increasing pace, you raise your pelvis until two-thirds of him are exposed, slick with your juices, before slamming yourself back down. Again and again you do this, bouncing your ass against his hips. He tries to thrust up into you and you respond by sinking back down and making circles with your hips, grinding your pussy on him and rubbing your clit against his pubic bone.

“Fuck… you’re amazing,” he whispers, then grunts as you drop your ass back into his lap again. You’re so wet now that your juices are starting to trickle down over his balls.

Ryan forgets himself and tries to grab your tits, but you lean back out of his reach, your hands reaching backward and gripping his thighs. In this position you squirm your hips around and he watched transfixed as your pussy wrenches his dick from side to side. Eventually it pops out and you both groan.

You straighten up again, grab his cock and stuff it back into you. He reaches for your hips and you immediately deflect him, grabbing his forearms and holding them on either side of his head. In this new position, bent forward with your breasts brushing against his chest, your clit bumping against his pubis as you hump and grind on him, you feel your orgasm building.

“I’m gonna cum, Ryan,” you pant hotly into his ear. “I’m gonna fucking cum on you.”

He moans. “Wait… let’s cum together…”

You bite his ear. “Then you better fucking cum now,” you pant. “Cum for me, Ryan. I wanna feel your cum in me…”

“Just a little longer,” he moans, but you’re no longer in control of your body. The mother of all orgasms comes crashing over you in waves and you convulse on top of him, panting and gasping, unable to form words. Your pussy sends ripples around his shaft.

“Oh wow,” he gasps, breaking free from your grasp and grabbing your ass cheeks. While you continue to orgasm he thrusts frantically up into you, his fingers digging into your soft flesh. Then he tenses.

As your orgasm ebbs away you feel spurt after spurt of his semen flooding your pussy. Then, when he’s given you all that he can, he releases his grasp on your bottom and wraps his arms around you, holding you close, kissing your neck.

He holds you like this for a minute while your panting becomes heavy breathing then satisfied sighing.

This is too intimate. He might start to think he’s an equal in this relationship. You roll off him, feeling his still-firm cock slip out of your cum-filled pussy.

“That was nice,” you tell him, barely able to stand on your wobbly knees. You pull your nightie back on, but elect to keep your panties off until you visit the bathroom.

“Don’t go,” he pleads.

You look down at Ryan sprawled naked on the bed, his chest heaving, his beautiful cock shiny with a mixture of his cum and your own juices. You’ve fucked him, and it was awesome, but there are so many more ways in which you can use him. For now, however, you’ve scratched your itch.

“We can do this again. I’ll let you know when,” you tell him as you walk quietly to the door.

Ryan groans.

“Or maybe I’ll just surprise you,” you add, before slipping into the hallway and gently pulling the guest room door closed behind you.

The End