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(In the Guest Room, continued...)

Ryan seems a bit too eager. You only want his body, but he seems to want what he can’t have. You need to rein him in. After all, you’re here to fulfil your fantasies, not his!

“Well, do you know what I want?” you ask, still stroking his cock.

“Tell me,” he whispers hoarsely.

“What I want,” you continue, “is to see you cum. I want to see how much this big, beautiful cock of yours can squirt!”

“I’ll pull out. I’ll cum wherever you want,” he assures you, and reaches out, trying to pull you on the bed with him.

You shove him away and he falls back on the bed. “Nuh uh,” you say disapprovingly. I’m going to jerk you off, and you’re going to cum for me. That’s it.“

“Suck it,” he pleads.


“Jesus,” he groans in frustration.

“Do you want me to leave?” you tease.

“Fuck no!” whispers Ryan desperately. “Keep doing what you’re doing then.”

You spit in your palm and slide it up and down his warm, thick pole. You take a moment to squeeze hard. His glans swells, purple and angry, and another drizzle of pre-cum oozes out. You smear it around with your thumb and resume stroking.

Your other hand roams over Ryan’s body, caressing his chest and abdomen before delving down to cup his ballsack. You feel his testicles inside the silky purse, careful not to squeeze too hard, and you tickle his perineum with a fingernail.

“Let me touch you,” he begs.

“No.” You release his balls and gently scratch his inner thighs.

“Show me your tits,” he asks, increasingly desperate.

You’ll give him that one. Dropping his cock for a second you wipe your hand dry on his stomach, then pull your nightie up over your head and discard it on the floor.

“Are these what you wanted to see?” you ask, cupping your breasts in your hands, squishing them together and offering them up for his approval. Your nipples are achingly stiff and you flick them with your thumbs.

“Let me suck them!” he pleads.

You are enjoying torturing him and you’re not going to stop now. “Ryan, if you ask for one more thing I’m leaving, and you’ll be stuck humping your pillow.”

He sighs and relaxes back on the bed, defeated.

You grab his cock again and resume wanking him, faster this time. His eyes keep darting between your face, with its intense look of concentration, and your jiggling breasts. Your other hand is now in your panties, wet and slippery, teasing your stiff little clit.

“Are you close? Are you ready to cum for me, Ryan?” you ask.

“Almost…” he groans.

“You want to fuck me?” you whisper seductively. “Cum for me now, and maybe one day I’ll let you fuck me…”

“Jesus…” Ryan’s breathing is getting ragged and your hand is a blur as you jerk him faster and faster. You’re getting close yourself.

“Cum for me Ryan,” you command, leaning down to kiss his stomach. You nip at his skin and lick down, almost to his groin, your hair dragging across him.

“I’m cumming for you,” he groans, and you feel a pulse in his cock that confirms it. You quickly drop his dick like a hot potato and pull back to watch the show, frigging yourself furiously in your panties.

“Ahhhhh no!” cries Ryan in anguish, but you’ve brought him over the brink and he doesn’t need your hand to finish the job. His prick twitches violently and arcs of warm, white cum squirt over his stomach and chest, falling and forming long strings on his skin.

Your eyes are glued to Ryan’s cock as it jerks around like it has a mind of its own, making a sticky mess all over him. Both your hands are now in your panties, one frigging your clit and the other is fucking your soaking hole with two fingers.

“Ohhhh…” you sigh, feeling the familiar warmth and tingling. It’s not the most intense orgasm because your efforts were too focused on him, but it is nice nonetheless. Then you turn sensitive and quickly stop your fingering.

Ryan is staring at you. “You’re an evil bitch!” he says, but he’s smiling. The sight of Ryan, breathing heavily, drenched in his own sperm is so erotic that you wish you had a camera.

You say nothing in reply. With one wet finger you reach out and idly trace a spiral through the cum on his stomach. Staring him in the eye you raise your finger to your lips and slip it into your mouth, sucking it clean, relishing the salty taste.

You pick up your nightie and walk to the door. He watches you leave, no doubt checking out your ass in your very wet, very disheveled panties. Halfway through the door you turn for one last look at him. You’re pretty sure that you’ve just made him your sex slave.

“Hey,” he whispers. “Can we —”

“Ssshhh!” you hiss. “Go back to sleep!”

The End