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(In the Guest Room, continued...)

“I think I’ll stay over here,” you whisper. With your fantasies on the verge of becoming reality you’re suddenly scared.

“Okay,” he says, settling back. Then, after a pregnant pause, “Feel free to carry on with what you were doing.”

You hesitate, then decide to take control. You’re not some little girl to be laughed at. You’re a woman, and you have power. It’s time to exercise it.

“Show me your cock,” you order him, surprising yourself.

Ryan looks at you for a moment, his expression hard to read. You return his gaze, not flinching.

“Okay,” he says, and pulls the sheet aside.

You bite your lip. It’s a beautiful cock. Long and thick and veiny, with potential to get even bigger yet. You stare at it and your hand returns to your panties. Your finger slips between your pussy lips, gently sawing back and forth in your wet groove.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” asks Ryan quietly, clearly entranced by the sight of the masturbating woman in his room and being careful not to break the spell. His cock twitches by itself and grows a half-inch as he watches you.

“Jerk it for me,” you command him. “Make it harder.”

Without taking his eyes off you, Ryan reaches down and grasps his prick. Slowly he strokes it, and it grows harder and harder before you, until all bendiness is gone.

“I want to see you cum,” you tell him as you watch him stroke.

“Then show me something,” he replies.

That seems fair. You pull your nightie up and over your head, the action lifting your breasts high and proud. Then you turn your back to him and tug your panties down, flashing your ass as you remove them. They were in the way, anyway.

You turn to face him again and your hand moves down between your legs. Not to hide your naked pussy, but to start rubbing it again.

“You’re beautiful,” he says. “Come here.”

You shake your head. “No. Make yourself cum. Show me how you do it.”

Ryan continues stroking his delicious-looking prick while staring at your naked body. “Come closer at least. I want to see you better,” he coaxes.

You sigh, then walk over to the side of the bed. Now he’s close enough to touch and you can faintly smell his scent — fresh from the shower he had before bed, but with a hint of manly musk. You notice a drip of pre-cum on the head of his cock.

Brazenly you raise your leg and place one foot on the bed near his head, spreading your legs. Now he has a clear view of your pussy as you work it with your fingers. He’ll be able to smell you too, at this distance.

“Close enough now?” you whisper.

“God yeah,” he groans, staring at your dripping pussy. He starts wanking faster, his swollen meat throbbing in his strong grip, all for you.

“Are you close?” you ask, pumping two fingers in and out of your pussy.

“Getting there,” he grunts. He reaches around you and you feel his other hand on the back of your thigh. He slides it up and cups your ass cheek, squeezing gently.

“That’s far enough,” you warn him.

His breathing is more rapid now. His naked body is gently squirming on the bed, bathed in moonlight, his cock dribbling, his hand groping and fondling your bare bottom almost frantically.

“Cum for me, Ryan,” you beg, your fingers sawing back and forth in your slit, your clit almost painfully hard. You can feel your juices start to drip down your inner thighs. Ryan notices and licks his lips.

“Oh God,” he moans, clutching your ass tightly. His fist is a blur now.

“Show me your cum,” you whisper, and gasp as you start to orgasm.

“Arrgghhh!” he cries, jerking his hips, and suddenly the semen starts to fly, spurting wildly from his gorgeous cock, spattering his chest and stomach with thick white drops. You can feel some land on your leg, too. Arc after arc of Ryan’s thick load flies through the air as he finishes pumping. Then he slows, and the final dribbles run down over his hand and wrist.

All this time you’ve been cumming yourself, your pussy twitching and dripping juice, lewdly spread in front of his yearning gaze. As you recover from the dizzying heights of your self-induced pleasure, you marvel at the naked man laid out before you, his body caressed by moonlight, his skin dripping with his own cum, all because of you.

Ryan gives your butt a final squeeze then slides his hand down the back of your leg before it drops to his side. He’s spent.

You step away from the bed and search for your panties and nightie. He watches as you dress, his eyes drinking you in.

“Happy now?” he asks with a smile.

“For the moment,” you reply, before leaving him alone in the guest room to contemplate what that might mean…

The End