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(In the Guest Room, continued...)

“Please, put it back in,” you beg him, desperate to feel him inside you again.

Ryan clutches your buttocks in his strong hands and squeezes them, spreading your butt apart and exposing your pussy. You feel him shift, feel his prick sliding down your ass crack, then feel his knob against your lips as he angles himself for re-entry.

With a forceful thrust he buries himself deep in your pussy and you moan into the pillow. His arms are straight, his legs spread with his knees on either side of yours, his pubic bone slapping against your bottom as he bangs you in flat-doggy position.

“Harder… do it harder,” you command. You want him to dedicate every last drop of his energy towards fucking you.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he gasps, slamming himself into you faster and more forcefully.

You reach a hand down underneath you and start rubbing your clit, humping your ass back against him. You’ve only just cum, but this is Ryan who’s fucking you like a man possessed and it’s better than you ever dreamed, so soon you’re cumming again, and this time you’re completely turned to mush, panting and crying, tears streaming down your face.

Ryan lowers himself onto his elbows so he can kiss the back of your neck. He’s slowed his pace, giving you a chance to recover, and the new angle means that he can’t penetrate you quite as deeply.

You’re mindful of the fact that he is yet to cum. “Keep going,” you pant, desperate now to feel his seed inside you. “Fucking give it to me…”

You feel his hands on your hips, raising your ass into the air until you are positioned on knees and elbows with your buttocks up-thrust, framing your fully-exposed pussy beneath.

“Take it, bitch,” he groans, and without ceremony he rams his cock into you again. Now he’s completely focused on his own pleasure as he ruts into you doggy-style, his hips slapping against your jiggling ass. He smacks you with a flat palm and you let out a muffled squeal into the pillow.

Finally Ryan reaches the point of no return. With a low moan and three hard, sharp thrusts he pumps you full. Your pussy greedily takes everything he can give.

“Oh wow,” he breathes, collapsing next to you. He wraps his arms around you and draws you into a spoon position. His strong hands gently stroke your stomach and caress your breasts. You feel his warm breath on the back of your neck and his sticky, wet penis poking between your thighs.

You lie like that for a while, happy in his embrace. Finally you extricate yourself, gather your panties and nightie and make for the door.

“Thanks. I needed that,” you tell him, before leaving him, naked and sweaty, his flaccid cock shiny with his cum and your juices, all alone in the guest room.

The End