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You’ve been lonely lately. And horny. It’s a potent combination and it’s driven you to visit some websites that your mother most certainly wouldn’t approve of. Unfortunately, porn isn’t cutting it anymore. You need interaction. You need a real live girl to get you off. Someone who isn’t shy of taking your fantasies and running with them.

So you end up on the sex chat site Arousr and you’re browsing the girls there. There are several attractive candidates but you’re stingy with money, so you’re having trouble pulling the trigger.

And then you see her. This girl is the spitting image of Tina, a girl you’ve long admired but never dared approach. But it can’t be Tina, because she’s listed her name as “Krystal.”

Of course you’d prefer to get naughty with Tina herself, but this “Krystal” could be the next best thing. If you squint a bit you could pretend that it’s really Tina that you’re talking to. That would be really hot.

So you create an account with the user name “biggusdickus,” hand over your credit card details and your mobile number and wait for a text. It comes almost instantly.

“Hi want chat now? :)”

You can’t tell much from those four words but she sounds both intelligent and beguiling, so you respond in the affirmative and arrange a video chat forthwith. You settle in front of your computer and follow the instructions for hooking up.

After a few minutes “Krystal’s” face fills the screen. You blink once, then twice. She smiles into the camera. “Hello? Can you see this?” she asks.

Holy fuck. “Krystal” doesn’t just look like Tina. There’s no mistaking that smile and voice, despite the whorish makeup. The webcam slut you just started a session with is definitely none other than Tina herself. She must be doing this for extra cash. Either that or she’s a super-horny, kinky nympho. Or both. The third option, that she’s being forced into this work by the Russian mafia, doesn’t cross your mind.

“Uh, yeah. Hi,” you belatedly respond, putting on a deep, gruff voice. If you keep your camera switched off she won’t know it’s you. This has turned out better than you imagined it would. You’re going to be able to get Tina to do all sorts of filthy things and she won’t know it’s you!

Tina smiles wider then settles back so you can see her entire body on her bed. She’s wearing an extremely-fetishized schoolgirl outfit with a skirt so short it can’t cover her tiny white panties from any angle. Her tits are pushed up and practically bursting from her little blouse. She’s forgone the use of the buttons, instead tying it at her midriff.

“Hi biggusdickus. We’re gonna have so much fun. Turn on your camera, I want to see you!”

You freeze for a second. “Uh, um… I think I might leave it off if you don’t mind.”

Tina pouts. “C’mon. If you want a good show I’m gonna have to see your face. And your cock. I get so turned on looking at hard cocks. It makes me so fucking wet watching guys jerk off over me…”

You really want the best possible show, so you look around your room in a desperate search for something that could conceal your identity. But all you can find is your fake moustache. Sighing, you resign yourself to the fact that you’re not going to be seeing Tina at her hottest.

Suddenly you have a brainwave. Maybe you can use your fake moustache! You grab it, slap it on your face, then turn on your camera feed, beaming her an image of you from the waist up.

“That’s better!” Tina grins. “Now before we begin, I want you to get naked. And point the camera down a bit…”

You hesitate, but you’re confident in your disguise so what could possibly go wrong? You hurriedly strip off and settle in the chair, angling the camera down to include your dick in the shot.

“Mmmm, nice,” purrs Tina. “Stroke it for me, biggusdickus, get it nice and hard.”

“Hey, I thought I was the one who was going to get a show!” you object with a laugh.

“Oh don’t worry, babe, you will,” she replies seductively. “I can’t wait to get naked and shove all sorts of things up my pussy for you.”

Your cock twitches and instantly gains an inch. You grab it in your hand and start slowly pumping while you look at the image of Tina on your computer screen. You’ve got decent broadband, so she’s high-resolution and high-framerate, with no perceptible lag. If she was a video game, your ping time would be killer. If she was on eBay and you were sniping her, you could wait until the last two seconds. You realize that this is likely because she’s geographically very close.

“That’s a nice cock, biggusdickus. I wish I was there,” says Tina.

“Oh yeah?” you reply. “What would you do if you were here?”

“Mmmm, well, I think I’d have to suck it, babe.”

“You like sucking cock, er, Krystal?” Shit, you almost called her by her real name.

“More than anything. And I swallow.”

“Can I cum on you?”

“Oh yeah, baby, you can cum on me. Wherever you like,” she purrs.

“Can I cum on your face?”

“Mmmm, sure you can. I’d love your sticky load all over my face.”

“Can I cum in your hair?”

“Well, I just washed it, but okay, why not.”

“Can I cum up your nose? Or in your ear? Like, could I squirt it right in your ear canal?” you question, eager to explore her limits.

“Babe, you can cum anywhere,” reiterates Tina. “But not too soon, okay? We’ve got a long way to go.”

Typical cam-slut, always trying to extend the time. But it’s Tina, so that’s fine with you!