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(Live Sex Chat, continued...)

Tina smiles at you and bites her lip. “I think I’d better get naked first.” She stands up and discards her blouse, then wiggles her hips out of the tiny skirt so that only her skimpy white panties remain. You ogle her gorgeous body, resplendently decorated with goo that’s now dribbling down over her tummy.

Tina turns away, bends over, hooks her thumbs in the sides of her panties and slowly pulls them down. Your mouth waters as your computer screen is filled with her sexy bare ass. You catch a peek of shaven pussy between her soft thighs, then she hops off-camera.

She returns, dragging a chair. Attached to the chair is another massive fake cock, this one black, pointing straight up. There also appears to be a hose attached.

“Watch this.” She pumps something with her foot a few times, then suddenly the cock shoots a spurt of fake cum maybe two feet into the air!

“Oh God, yes!” you groan.

Tina makes sure the camera gives you a good view, then straddles the chair facing you, spreading her legs to reveal her pretty pussy in all its glory. She rubs the head up and down her slit, then hits the pump, squirting an unknown white, viscous substance between her legs. She reaches down and smears it up and down the shaft of the dildo to get it nice and slippery. Then she spreads her pussy lips and presses her cunt right down over the bulging head.

She groans as she sinks down the dildo, her pussy stretched around its massive circumference. Finally she bottoms out. It’s a relief that she can take it all — you were worried she might injure herself if she slipped.

“Oh fuck me, biggusdickus,” she groans as she starts bouncing up and down, and you match her pace with your fist. After a while you notice the wet, sloppy, squelchy sounds are getting louder and louder, before finally fake cum starts squirting rhythmically out of her cunt. She’s been pumping herself full of it the whole time, and she’s not stopping. There must be a huge reservoir of the stuff somewhere, because it’s oozing and spurting at an alarming rate.

Your eyes boggle and your wanking gets erratic as you watch your fantasy girl humping away on the prolifically-squirting black cock. There’s a thick puddle on the chair that her buttocks keep slapping into wetly, and her thighs are soaked and slippery too.

Then she pulls herself off the cock with an obscene sucking noise and a torrent of fake sperm pours from her pussy. But it’s not over! She turns around to face the back of the chair with her ass pointed at the camera. The dildo squirts again, coating her bottom with realistic jizz substitute. Then she sinks herself back down and starts twerking insanely, her ass jiggling as it slams up and down, her buttocks splashing into the puddle on the chair, with white cum spurting and squirting and oozing out of her cunt, accompanied by disgustingly sloppy, squelchy noises and her own rapidly panting breaths.

“Arghhhh!” you groan and you blow your own load right up your chest, hitting yourself in the chin. For a few seconds you can’t see straight but you keep jerking furiously until you are completely spent, your fist, stomach and chest all messy, much like Tina’s sexy ass is, but with the real stuff, not fake.

When you finally recover, blinking, you see Tina smiling at you, her face filling the screen. “Did you like that?”

“Oh yeah,” you gasp, “you’re fucking incredible!”

“Why thank you, that’s so sweet,” she replies. “Maybe we can do this again.”

“That’s a definite,” you reply.

“Oh, and by the way,” Tina continues, “your moustache fell off about ten minutes ago. I guess we’ll be seeing each other around!”

The End