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Medical Experiments

You can’t believe it’s come to this. With no money to buy food this week, you’ve resorted to desperate measures to earn cash. You’ve agreed to be a test subject for a medical experiment at the local university.

It’s a beautiful summer’s day. The university campus is teeming with intelligent, pretty girls in short skirts. You wish you could afford to study here — it’s a veritable pussy paradise. (Yes, unfortunately you’re the type of guy who uses expressions like “pussy paradise.” At this point in your life you’re a jerk who only sees women as sexual objects. Blame the Internet.)

You find your way to the designated building in the Medical School and take the elevator down two floors underground. The laboratory is at the end of a dim corridor lit only by a flickering fluorescent tube. As you open the door, a homeless-looking guy brushes past you as he’s leaving. He gives you a toothless grin while stuffing some cash in his pocket.

You enter the lab and are greeted by a pretty blonde girl in an unbuttoned lab coat sitting behind a desk. No, forget pretty. She’s super, super cute. She stands to welcome you, revealing the shortest, tightest mini-skirt you’ve seen today. “Hi, I’m Nurse Jenny. Please take a seat.”

As you sit down she makes a face and waves her hand as if to dispel a bad smell. “Wow, that last guy reeked!” she confides. This hopefully means that she doesn’t put you in the same category as a homeless bum. That’s encouraging. You surreptitiously sniff an armpit to be sure.

“Fill this out please,” she asks, handing you a form on a clipboard. It’s a fairly standard medical history checklist. When you are finished you stand up and hand it to Jenny, taking advantage of the opportunity to peek down her low-cut top at what looks like a very nice rack. She starts entering your details on the computer, reading them out loud as she goes.

“Experimental subject number thirty-seven. Name, Steve. Sex, male. Appearance… hmm… not bad-looking!” she says, winking at you.

You might be in with a chance here. “Hey Jenny, I don’t suppose if you’re not doing anything later, maybe we could…”

She interrupts you. “Oh, sorry Steve. I’ve given you the wrong impression. You look like a very nice guy, but I could never go out with someone so broke that they would risk subjecting themselves to medical experiments for money!”

Well, that hurt. And you pick up on something that concerns you.

“Risk? The advertisement said that the experiment was risk-free.”

“Oh no, don’t worry. There’s practically no risk.”

Practically no risk?” you ask, getting worried. “Look, what are you testing here, anyway?”


“What do you mean, dunno?”

Nurse Jenny gives an exasperated sigh. “I just get your details, inject you with the serum, then watch you for ten minutes and see if anything happens. If something happens, I call Doctor Mandy. That’s it.”

“Doctor Mandy? Is that a last name?”

“No silly, it’s her first name. You’d like her. She’s really nice. Look, there’s her picture on the wall.”

You inspect the picture. Doctor Mandy is a beautiful brunette with a curvy figure. She’s showing a lot of skin, which isn’t surprising because you’re looking at a fucking swimsuit calendar.

“That’s from her last job before being a doctor.” Jenny leans forward conspiratorially. “Between you and me, I’m not sure if she’s actually a doctor yet. But she likes it when we call her that.”

You start to feel a little ill, but there’s still something that gives you hope. “You said that I’m subject number thirty-seven. What happened with the other thirty-six people?”

“Nothing,” replies Jenny, disappointment evident in her tone. “This job is getting really boring.”

You are relieved to hear that there are at least thirty-six people who have survived Doctor Mandy’s experiment with no ill effects.

Jenny picks up an enormous hypodermic needle, one of several remaining on a large tray. You put aside your concerns and start to roll up your sleeve.

“Oh no Steve,” says Nurse Jenny. “The serum has to be injected into your butt. Can you drop your pants for me?”

Ordinarily you would jump at the chance to drop your pants for a girl as cute as Jenny, but this just feels humiliating. You unbuckle your belt and pull your jeans and underpants down while she watches you with an amused expression on her pretty face.

“Okay Steve, bend over, here it comes!” she says cheerily, placing her hand on your bare ass and squeezing a bulge of flesh between her fingers. It seems odd that she’s not wearing a glove.

“Ow… that pinches!” you object. Then the needle goes in. “Yeooooowww!!!!”

“Stay still, Steve,” says Jenny sternly. She keeps the needle inside for a seemingly-interminable period and a dull ache spreads through your buttock as the serum is pumped into you. Finally she withdraws it and gives your butt a firm smack. “All done!” she giggles.

You straighten up and pull up your pants. Something about the way that she administered the injection didn’t seem entirely professional. “Jenny, are you a real nurse?” you ask suspiciously.

“Sort of,” she replies, then covers her mouth to hide another giggle.

“What’s so funny?” you ask, getting annoyed.

She takes a few seconds to compose herself. “Sorry Steve. It’s just that the injection really was supposed to go in your arm, not your butt. But it gets so boring down here, I thought I’d mix things up a little!”

This is getting ridiculous. You don’t appreciate being treated like a joke. You wish you could throw Jenny over your knee and give her a thorough spanking to teach her some respect, but society has stupid rules against stuff like that.

“Can I get my money now?” you ask grumpily.

“No, we’ve got to wait ten minutes. You know, to see if anything drops off,” she jokes.

You give her a dirty look and return to your seat while she notes the time down on her clipboard. “Feel anything yet?” she asks.

“No. There’s just a big pain in my ass,” you reply, looking straight at her pointedly.

Jenny picks up on your displeasure and five minutes pass in silence while she doodles pictures of shoes in the margin of your form.

“Sorry about that,” she says belatedly.

“Whatever,” you reply. Another four minutes pass.

“Feel anything now?” she asks.

“No, I guess we’re done.” You stand up in preparation to leave. But suddenly you are overcome with a feeling of weirdness, the likes of which you’ve never felt before. You can hear a rushing of blood in your ears and your mouth is suddenly dry. You are forced to hold on to the back of the chair for support.

“Actually I don’t feel that great,” you groan. Your vision is obscured by a sea of sparkly stars. You blink furiously and they dispel. You look over at Nurse Jenny.

She’s staring at you, her mouth agape.

“What is it?” you ask in a raspy voice.