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(Medical Experiments, continued by Hyperdreams...)

Nurse Jenny’s eyes drop down to your crotch. You look down and suddenly become aware that you are sporting the biggest erection of your life. Your jeans were fairly tight to begin with, but now they are uncomfortably so. Your cheeks flush red with embarrassment.

“Oh God, I’m sorry,” you stammer, dropping a hand down in an attempt to cover it.

“Wow Steve, is that a massive boner in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” gasps Jenny.

You are tempted to point out that she got the quote wrong, but a throbbing sensation from your cock distracts you. Did it just grow an extra inch? Your fly is now threatening to burst apart from the pressure. You try to adjust your cock into a more comfortable position and discover that it is now super-sensitized. You jerk your hand away before you cum on the spot.

“That looks really uncomfortable,” observes Jenny, approaching for a closer look. She adopts a sympathetic tone. “Do you get spontaneous erections a lot?”

“No! You’ve done this to me!” you shout. The pressure in your jeans is getting intolerable. “I’m going to have to get it out. Can I get some privacy?”

“Don’t worry, I’m a nurse,” she replies, not moving.

“There’s some doubt about that,” you reply with gritted teeth, but you can’t stand it any longer. It’s like your penis is a caged animal desperate for release. You unbutton your jeans and yank them down. Your cock springs out over the top of your underpants. It’s probably twice as long and fat as it’s ever been before. The head is red, swollen and angry. Pre-cum oozes from the tip.

“Fucking hell,” you say under your breath.

“Doctor Mandy is definitely going to want to see this!” adds Jenny.

You try to stuff it back in your underpants but the touch of your hand sets off a chain reaction that you are powerless to stop. An amazingly intense orgasm rushes through your body and Jenny jumps out of the way as jets of semen spray wildly from your twitching cock, splattering the tiled laboratory floor.

“She’s going to want samples of that,” muses Jenny, surveying the mess after you’ve completely blown your load.

You lean against the wall and wait for your erection to subside. Unfortunately it doesn’t. If anything, it gets harder. And there’s a concerning new development. You are getting hornier and hornier by the second. You now have an almost uncontrollable desire to fuck someone or something with this newly-awakened beast between your legs.

You look over at Jenny. She’s sitting on the edge of her desk with the phone in the crook of her neck, dialing the extension number for Doctor Mandy. She glances up at you with an amused smile, which slowly vanishes as she recognizes the hungry look in your eyes.