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(Medical Experiments, continued by Hyperdreams...)

Nurse Jenny doesn’t answer. There’s a large mirrored window, probably with an observation room behind it. You examine your reflection from a variety of angles but you can’t see anything untoward.

“What are you staring at?” you ask.

Jenny averts her eyes and starts fanning herself with her clipboard. “Sorry Steve, no… there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m just a little… hot. Did it get hot in here?”

“Not that I can tell,” you reply, now feeling back-to-normal after your sudden turn.

“Strange,” she murmurs to herself. She takes off her lab coat, leaving her wearing a tight low-cut top, micro miniskirt and heels. Her breathing has become more rapid and her face is looking flushed.

You approach her with concern, but as you get near she flinches back. “Oh God… it’s worse when you’re closer!” she moans.

You’re about to object that her condition has fuck-all to do with you, but then you notice a few interesting signs. Her pupils are dilated, her lips have reddened and her nipples are poking through her top like bullets.

You reach out to touch her arm and she surprises you by throwing her arms around your neck. “What aftershave is that?” she asks, sniffing your chest and neck. “I can’t resist… oh God!”

She pushes away from your chest and staggers backward. As if in a dream, she reaches down and wipes her inner thigh with her fingertips. They come away wet and shiny. You can see trickles of fluid running down her legs from under her skirt.

“Oh Steve, you’ve got me so wet!” she moans.

You’d like to think that this is your normal effect on women, but it’s more likely that Doctor Mandy’s experiment has sent your male pheromones into overdrive. Jenny appears to be having difficulty resisting her hard-wired biological response to the mating signal that you are excreting.

She’d probably recover if she could get far enough away from you. But witnessing her aroused state has given you the mother of all boners.

Should you stay or should you go? It’s a conundrum.