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(Medical Experiments, continued by Nillus...)

As your desires begin to overwhelm all conscious thought, you notice that you’ve gotten out of your seat. You don’t remember doing that. You don’t remember walking over to Nurse Jenny either, but there you are, standing next to her.

“Uh can I help yo-”

She’s quickly cut off by her own confusion as you place a hand on either side of her head, and begin to guide her towards your steel rod of a cock. Apparently she decides to just sit back and let it happen because, after staring at you defiantly in the eyes for a moment while you slap your cock off her face, she opens wide.

“Good girl!” you exclaim.

From there you waste no time. You immediately slide your cock into her warm, wet mouth, and then begin thrusting wildly. Spit begins flying everywhere, and her throat starts making rhythmic gak gak gak noises. You know you won’t last long like this, so you have to decide where to cum, and soon.