Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Nillus...)

As you feel your orgasm approaching, you realize just how badly you wanna feel your cock sliding into Nurse Jenny’s pussy. So you stop and remove yourself from her mouth. She gasps for breath and begins wiping saliva from her face.

“Dude what the hell! That wa —”

You interrupt her mid thought by grabbing her shoulders and putting her on her back on the desk. You grab the hem of her skirt and rip it off, and her panties go next. You look up and see her face flushed with desire.

“Stick that fucking thing in me already!”

You’re more than happy to oblige. You line yourself up, noticing your cock has grown even more, but not really caring at this point. In one swift thrust, you bury yourself to the hilt, knocking the wind out of the poor nurse.

“Holy shit” she says, as you both stay still, letting her adjust to your massive size.

After a few seconds, you can’t stand it anymore, and begin to fuck Jenny as fast as you can. The room is filled with the sounds of your balls slapping against her and her moaning every time you bottom out. Out of nowhere you see her eyes snap shut and her pussy clamps down like a vice.

“Oh Jesus I’mmmm cummmmiing!” she yells.

With her already tight pussy now basically milking you for cum, you feel your orgasm fast approaching.