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(Medical Experiments, continued by Argolex...)

You agree that she should call the doctor to come help with your growing problem. Nurse Jenny rolls over on the desk to grab the phone, but the sight of her bare ass is enough to send you into another frenzy. You grab her by the hips, and she turns to see that hungry look in your eyes.

“Oh my God, please not again. My pussy is way too sore to take that monster again!” she cries.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going for your pussy this time” you say.

Jenny’s eyes get really big, and she starts to object. “Don’t you even think abou- FUUUCK!!”

You force your cock right into her tight little asshole. She tries to push you off her, but you have her pinned against the desk. She finally just gives in, loudly moaning while you fuck her ass so hard it pushes the desk up against the wall.

After several minutes, you hear banging on the door. Jenny must have managed to press the call button on the phone at some point, because two security guards burst through the door followed by Doctor Mandy.

“Oh shit!” you shout.