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(Medical Experiments, continued by Ed...)

You move closer to Jenny, testing your luck. After all, this seems like a dream, so why not make the best of the situation?

You step toward the sexy, young nurse and undo one button of your shirt. As you do so, she lets out a quick moan of ecstasy.

You continue moving closer. By this point, Jenny’s entire shirt is soaked from her sweat. Through her wet, low-cut top, you notice her lacy, red bra.

By now, you’re within inches of her body. You place your hand on her thigh and look into her eyes, welling with an intense desire for bodily pleasure.

“I need you,” she says.

It happens so quickly. Jenny places a hand on your chest and pushes you backward. You trip over some poorly-placed lab equipment and tumble to the floor. Quickly taking advantage of the situation, Jenny straddles you, placing her entire weight on top of you. You are unable to move.

The blonde lets down her hair and pulls off her shirt, revealing that red bra. Her tits are the perfect size, most likely a C cup, and perky as hell. With her legs parted, you can see right up her skirt, giving you a clear view of her soaking wet panties. They match her bra: lacy and red with a tiny bow on the front.

“I need you to fuck me, Steve” Jenny moans.

As her breathing increases, Jenny slowly starts grinding on you, making your cock grow stiff beneath your pants. The nurse, horny with desire, begins rubbing her tits. Seconds later, she unclasps her bra, revealing a set of gorgeous tits, nipples pink and erect.

The sight of the topless nurse makes you rock hard. Jenny reaches down and begins undoing your belt. She pulls down your pants, exposing your penis in its aroused state, and licks her lips in excitement.

As she wraps her hand around your cock, the moment is interrupted by a sudden knock at the door. Jenny pauses, thinking of what to do. She hesitates for a few seconds, but doesn’t release her firm grasp on your cock.

When the knock repeats again, she quickly shouts, “Who is it?”