Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by g...)

“Call her!” you say through gritted teeth.

She calls Doctor Mandy who arrives five minutes later. She’s dressed in a green mini-skirt and a low cut yellow shirt with massive cleavage.

“Holy shit!” exclaims Mandy when she sees you and your enlarged member.

“I think it’s the reaction of the serum,” suggests Nurse Jenny.

“But none of the other participants develop…”

You are unable to bear the pain of the ever-growing erection, interrupting Doctor Mandy by grabbing her, apologizing and placing her lips on your penis. She tries to pull back and Nurse Jenny rushes to help her, before realizing that the doctor has started enjoying it as much as you are.

You decide to finish inside her, so you pull her from your dick, tear off her shirt and skirt and turn her around. Mandy doesn’t object as you bend her over the desk and start pummeling her pussy.

The sexy doctor’s moans are getting too loud, so Jenny proceeds to kiss her to keep her quiet, sticking her tongue deep into Mandy’s mouth.

This turns you on even more and you pull out before you cum. Once again you turn Doctor Mandy around and then you start cumming again, blasting the doctor’s face and cleavage with high-pressure sperm. Nurse Jenny gets hit by the splashback.

Doctor Mandy appears shocked by the amount of it, shaking her head in disbelief as she spits some out of her mouth.

Your cock keeps growing as you watch the women clean each other up with their tongues before collecting samples of the semen.