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(Medical Experiments, continued by writer...)

Nurse Jenny blinks and asks “What is what?”

You get a little frustrated. How could there not be something wrong, she was just staring at you as if you had turned purple and grown a second head.

“What’s wrong with me?” you growl out.

She doesn’t answer and you start to get really angry. Why isn’t she answering? You cross the distance between yourself and her with a few hurried, long strides and you grab her by the shoulders. You feel like shaking her, so you do.

Her head flops around but after you stop shaking her she returns to just staring at you, without even reacting to your sudden violence.

Now that you can get a good close look at her though, you notice that her eyes are slightly glazed and, rather than actually staring at you she seems to be staring into the middle distance past you and through your head. Just to make sure you let her go and walk to one side of the room and then the other. She turns her head to continue staring at you with those same glazed eyes.

“Uh, Jenny are you okay?” You’re suddenly concerned about this person. She doesn’t answer.

“Jenny, answer me,” you demand.

Her eyes clear for just a moment and she asks “What would you like me to say?”

“Tell me you’re fine,” you answer.

“I’m fine,” she responds. You still think this is weird but you’re starting to form a theory.

“Call Doctor Mandy and ask her to come here. Tell her it’s an emergency,” you tell her. She immediately goes to the phone and calls the doctor, repeats everything you told her to repeat and then hangs up and turns to look vacantly at you again.

You only have to wait a few minutes before Doctor Mandy bursts into the room with a security guard, but before either of them can take action they both stop and start staring at you like Jenny had been doing the entire time. You’re almost positive your theory is correct now, but you decide for one final test.

You turn to the male security guard. “Take off your pants and give yourself a blowjob until completion, don’t stop until you finish in your own mouth.”

The security guard immediately starts taking off his pants, but you stop paying attention. Your theory is confirmed.

You turn to Mandy and Jenny. “You two are my girlfriends now, follow me.”

They nod and follow you as you walk out of the building.