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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

As your desires begin to overwhelm all conscious thought, you notice that you’ve gotten out of your seat. You don’t remember doing that. You don’t remember walking over to Nurse Jenny either, but there you are, standing in front of her.

“Steve, what are you…”

You grip the collar of her lab coat and tug it open. The fastenings on the front pop open and the phone drops to the floor as Jenny’s face shows shock and surprise. Your body was acting on its own until now, but as you see Jenny’s tits, at least DD cups, encased in a tight T-shirt, you realize that you have regained control of your body, but want nothing more than to see those fun bags.

“Steve, please…” Jenny’s plea is cut off by a scream as you tear apart the T-shirt (the testosterone surging through your body seems to have increased your strength) and see Jenny’s large tits in a lacy red bra. You do not know what Jenny was planning, but the bra’s clip is on the front. With a deft movement, the huge tits are loose on Jenny’s chest.

Now you can see the breasts, another desire forms in your mind. You grab the tits, squeeze them together, and pull them towards your burning crotch. Jenny is now helpless on her knees and your ram your long, hard cock between her soft mounds.

You pump in and out between the pillowy flesh and feel the tip of your cock hitting something. On looking down, you realize that your cock is so long that it is hitting Jenny’s chin.

“Open your mouth, Jenny,” you say and, to your surprise, Jenny does. Maybe she is now as horny as you are. Almost.

She wraps her lips around your cock-head as you continue to rub your shaft between her warm tits. To give Jenny something, you flick your thumbs across her nipples, and you are rewarded with a better feeling from her mouth as her nipples harden.

With the tongue flicking around your hole, the warm lips slobbering saliva over your head, and her huge, firm tits stroking your shaft, you feel on the brink of cumming.