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(Medical Experiments, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

“I don’t think that will work,” Nurse Jenny says. “Let me just call Doctor Mandy — she will know what to do.” She begins typing the number to call the doctor into her phone.

Something in your brain tells you that the doctor coming so soon might not be a great idea. Your tentacles might come in handy.

“Sorry, but I don’t think that will be happening,” you say with a sinister smile. She turns, wide eyed. One of your tentacles wraps around her like earlier, but this time, it lifts her two feet off the ground. “These are pretty strong,” you say thoughtfully.

“Hey! Put me down!” shouts Jenny. You merely shrug and decide to do what you wanted earlier. Jenny senses it too and promptly closes her mouth. Your tentacle tries to invade, but you get nothing. Then you get an idea.

You will the tentacle holding her to come closer. You bring her within a foot of you. She looks furious, but she will not open her mouth in order to avoid an invasion by a tentacle. You simply smile and pinch her nose.

She finally gasps for air and you quickly let go and you shoot your penis-like tentacle into her mouth. She protests, but all you can hear is “mhph! mphph! mhph!” You begin to pump the tentacle in and out, and it feels amazing. But there’s something missing. You’ve always been a man who likes a girl who deep throats.

The tentacle begins to push farther in. Jenny makes a “gak, gak, gak” sound and you begin to feel something funny. A bulge has begun to form and move up the tentacle. You have a good idea what it might be. You make the tentacle go faster.

The bulge reaches the knob in her mouth and bursts. She can hardly swallow and so you pull the tentacle out, sending jets of cum all over her face and her top. When she finishes swallowing all the cum in her mouth, she looks at you furiously.

“What the hell? That was not cool at all,” Jenny splutters. “And you’ve ruined my clothes,” she says, looking at her blouse. You consider ripping them off.

“I kind of liked it though. I love drinking up cum and being dominated,” Jenny admits, giving you a flirty smile.