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(Medical Experiments, continued by PenNameX20...)

“Call the doctor,” you say with exasperation.

“Okay,” Nurse Jenny says, but she is slow to get up and seems not to want to. Finally she gets the door and calls for the doctor. After waiting for some time the doctor comes in.

She is in her late twenties, by the look of her, with an absolutely huge rack, a rather serious look in her eyes through her glasses, and light brown skin, from what part of the world it is hard to tell. Her accent is weak; she could be from many places. But there isn’t time to think on that. Doctor Mandy’s mouth is all the way open and she is in absolute shock.

“We can’t get rid of it. I don’t understand.” Nurse Jenny said. “We tried.” The doctor understands what she means.

“Well, what haven’t we tried?”

“Well, we haven’t tried it with two of us. Unless you have another solution.”

Doctor Mandy does have another solution, but she has never seen anything this large, and she rather wants to enjoy it before curing it. “No,” she says, “I don’t have any other ideas.”

“This conversation is killing me,” you say, and you advance on them quickly. Your eyes haven’t moved from Doctor Mandy’s huge chest, so you rip off her shirt and bra and her massive breasts fall out, their huge brown nipples already erect. You throw her against the wall and start eating them, devouring them, and Doctor Mandy moans and throws her hands around you.

“I want it. You can have your tits licked, but I want that cock,” says Nurse Jenny. She bends down under you and plays with it in her mouth, then puts it in as deep as she can and starts jacking you while her tongue swirls around your head and upper shaft. “Cum in me more Steve, cum in my mouth! Come on. Give it to me in my mouth.” She jacks you harder and faster and her tongue playing with your head makes you moan so loud and shiver that you forget about Mandy.

“Don’t forget me!” Doctor Mandy screams. She pushes you backward so your back is flat against the floor, then she tears off the rest of her clothes and stands over you naked. Her pussy is hairy and wet and eager for you, and she sits her tiny firm butt on your chest and stuffs her pussy in your mouth. You look up and all you see through her pussy and her pubic hair is those giant horny nipples glaring down at you, with her face in between them. “Eat me you freak. Fucking eat me!” She pulls your head further into her pussy and places your hands on her firm little ass.

Nurse Jenny follows your cock the whole time, and she is straddling it now in reverse cowgirl, screaming in wild orgasm and going so fast you can’t bear it. “Give me your seed,” she says, “Cum in me, fuck me!”

It’s almost too much for you to take…