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(Medical Experiments, continued by Nillus...)

“Yeah, it’d probably be best if you phoned the doctor,” you say.

“Yeah, Doctor Mandy will know what to do, she’s like, super smart!” Jenny says as she gets up, cum still on her face and tits, and walks to the desk.

You sit down on a chair and look dismayed at your meat, observing that it’s obviously gotten much larger, and it’s starting to hurt again. You wait a few minutes, the pain beginning to get fairly intense as the nurse talks on the phone while eating cum off her face. Finally, she walks over to you, hopefully with a solution.

“So, like, she said we have to take a sample of your cum and put it through one of the machines in the back,” the sexy nurse tells you.

“Okay, how are we go — ohmygod” Your thought is cut short by overwhelming pleasure as Nurse Jenny’s lips go tight around your rod. She wastes no time, quickly bobbing her head up and down, covering your dick in saliva before forcing her herself all the way down to the hilt, holding it there for a seemingly impossible amount of time, before coming back up for breath. After a few seconds of gasping for air while furiously jacking you, she goes all the way back down, fucking her own throat for all she’s worth. The pleasure is so much on your ultra-sensitive cock that it’s all you can do to stay conscious.

“Oh, oh Jesus fucking christ I’m cumming!” you shout.

Jenny pulls back at the last second, and keeps just the tip on her tongue. Even after cumming so many times already, your balls are in overdrive and you fill her mouth to the brim, then spray her face a few times too.

Nurse Jenny gets up and walks through a door behind her desk. You follow her through into what looks like a medical lab of some sort. She walks to a counter, and spits your cum into a test tube, then places it in a machine.

“I hope that was enough” she says.

You both stand and wait, awaiting the machine’s results.